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Since I became super fanatic to Bradley Cooper (oh thanks to his American Sniper movie, his blue eyes and witty personality), I decided to watch and review some of his old movies. Limitless is fortunately one of them.

This movie reminded of Lucy due to their strong resemblance of drug-related plot. As you can see, this drug is their way of getting more access to their brain which resulted to heightened sensations, quick adaption to complicated issues, powerful memory and other cognitive advances. However, there are minor differences such as claiming that only 20% of the memory can be accessed by the humans as opposed to the 10% of what Lucy claimed to have. Aside from that, other things can be a lot more different from the two movies.

I liked the way Bradley makes his character convincing enough. His wife, however, makes this impression of being opportunist since she only makes her way back to her husband the moment he reaches success. You can’t blame her though! Who else would really want to be with a useless husband right? Reality check!

Despite all of this, she makes this impressive role as supportive wife who can do anything to help her husband. Even by taking a doze of this prohibited drug can do little thing for her for as long as she can get her husband back to sanity.

The only thing that does not personally impress me is the fact that there’s no indication as whether he stopped from taking drugs or not. If he did stop, then it would be an excellent portray of an empowered character. You’re living a good life without the aid of those drugs and works your way out there to prove that even ex drug-dependent deserves a better and progressive life. If he did otherwise, that’s a total blowup.

For this, 6/10.


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