Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


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This is probably the first time I ever saw Jim Carrey (Joel) holding up a close-mouthed character while Clementine or Kate Winslet to be this little-aggressive bitch. Opps!

He’s definitely the repulsive type matching up with the impulsive. So as expected, their differences clashed up leading their way to erase memories about each other. Big mistake! Lesson: Never try to erase the memories you had with someone you love. Truth is, memories bring you back the sensations you would want to forget. It is in fact crucial to ones development as it will hinder you to move forward. But at least, the good ones are always worth to keep. They, as always, outweigh the bad ones.

Though the movie was quite weird, boring and sometimes chaotic, I found its true gem lies on the message it has to deliver to the audiences. That no matter how trouble you are in a relationship, there’s always this compatibility that hold you together. Even at the end when they heard their recorded voice trying to bash each other with their respective imperfections, their determination to start all over again was strong enough. Well, in a relationship, I guess that’s what all that matters. Be with the person who will give you the courage, not the fear because the fear will be the end of it.

I’ll give 7/10.


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