He’s Just Not Into You

Photo Credit: google.com

Photo Credit: google.com

Yeah, I got a little bit excited over this matter. The movie started up with this kid bullying the other and that bullied girl was ironically told by her mother that the boy actually liked her. Geez, just some old kid trick, you know?

Then, I found myself indulging with complicated interrelationship of the characters. It might be very useful for you to watch the movie personally. But the point is, I guess when people are in love, you’ve got to leave space for self-discovery.

My favorite couple was actually Gigi and Alex. I love the former for just being true and for rather wanting to do stupid shits than to be expendable. At least, she’s much closer to find her someone than Alex. Bulls eye! But for Alex, amidst all these wisdom, he failed himself from taking a gap or just a distance from this drama-queen. I guess that’s what happens. Man enough and he try to bring down his machismo to prove he’s love. It happens all the time, though, Gigi just happened to be his exception. Lesson: Never underestimate those signals. They might mean a lot! It gives me this kilig-factor in an ultimate level.

Janine, Ben, Anna: I loved the fact that though they never ended up having one another, but to discover yourself the way you had never discover it before was just awesome. And hey, I found that there’s another version of happy ending- that’s when you pick yourself and move forward towards a better life. And another: Never force someone to marry you., They might just end up flirting others while you yourself sucked up with the idea of being married to the world’s best husbands/wives. Poor you!

Ben and Janine: Well, who wouldn’t make marriage a big deal right? I could understand Janine for being too anxious to Ben of not popping out the question but soon, at least she realized that marriage license isn’t a guarantee of having a better half whose much responsible and lovable than those married ones. By the way, thanks Ben for finally tying up the knot with Janine!

Mary and Connor: Ohh of all the girls mentioned, I find Mary the most relatable one. Hah! Thanks to that “virtual” special friend of yours Mary and I’m up reminiscing some old “virtual” special friend of mine, too. But I beg not to dig deeper!

Anyway, I like this couple for finally setting and made each of us to realize that there’s always someone destined for us. It might be the person you’re calling, the person who has a great help of your career or the other way around! Whoever that is, don’t give up! That’s actually a note for me, too!

Other than these couples, I couldn’t help myself but to notice their fashion clad. Weird cropped tops, too much pullovers and accessories hanging around! Oh yeah, I need to awaken myself and stop bashing! Haha After all, this movie is taken almost six years ago.  I’ll give it 8/10! I still got this swelling heart as of the writing! Hahaha And yep, before I forgot, the following are the real answers to the movie title itself “He’s Not Just Into you”!

If he’s not calling you!

If he’s not marrying you!

If she’s not sleeping with you!

If he’s sleeping with someone else!


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