Ex Machina

Photo Credit: google.com

Photo Credit: google.com

When you read the title itself, you can probably guess the kind of story it has to say!

It’s an AI story but what makes it more distinguishable compared to others is the fact that robots are programmed to deceive even the smartest man. They are programmed the same way the people lie, cheat, flirt and manipulate.

I admit! I was trick into thinking that the AI can be trusted enough. Hell no! It is only until the poor guy found himself being locked from the observation hall. And when you think being a human will give you the power to rule over an AI, then think again. You might end up as having the same fate with that poor man. Tsk. Talking about being used emotionally and psychologically.

Another thing! The whole house is quite cozy and I couldn’t resist myself into appreciating the location as well as the architectural design of the house. Such a lovely home! Can you imagine a house that is placed in an isolated area where you can see the mountains around and the river crashing down? Ohh, it ignites my passion for nature! Haha

With the ending that isn’t quite clear as to what happen to the poor guy while the AI-turn-gorgeous-lass keeps on wandering around the city, I give the movie 6/10.


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