Stuck in Love

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I know it right? We are bound to think that this movie is all about those teens getting into hasty relationships, getting break down and stop. Yeah! That’s not the right way.

This is actually a family kind movie. You hear about those dysfunctional ones? Where you can see the daddy’s having hard time moving on while his ex-wife is kinda having the time of her life. Then there goes there children, one being cynical while the other, as inexperienced as he is, finds himself falling for drug-dependent girl. That’s a common family picture right, ?

But I do love the movie. Why shouldn’t you love something that conveys what a true love means?

So what if this daddy’s having hard time? Think of it as punishment of what he had done to his ex-wife and letting this fact slip away to their children’s knowledge. At least, at the end, he already had equipped himself with the courage to tell Sam and the patience to wait for his ex-wife to come back even after three years of waiting. That may sound delusional but I’m happy that’s what happened. How about this ex-wife? Again, just like his ex-husband, she finds a way to settle things with her daughter who unfortunately hates her for cheating her father. Mother always loves her children no matter what! And that’s a fact.

Now, we’ll go to this cynical bitch. Haha At least for her, she knows how blessed she is for having a mother alive and healthy, unlike to the kind of mother her suitor Louis is having. You gotta be grateful for what you’ve got kid because as they say, you’ll never know how that person means to you until he/she’s gone. Condolence for losing your Mom , Louis.

Lastly, it’s for Rusty (hey Nat Wolff)! I just love this guy! Imagine being with someone whose drug dependent? Yeah I now it hurts like hell, but what have you got after? A call from appreciative Stephen King telling you he likes your book? Thanks to that big sis right there! Hahah And that’s probably not big loss dude aside from having a GF inside the rehab! That’s a win-win type of game.

What’s my score? It’s 9/10.


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