Chasing Past

Enough with the movie reviews I recently started and travel diaries I couldn’t help myself from posting! Just this time, allow me to take this post into more personal matter. A young lady willing to speak her heart out and wouldn’t be ashamed if she’d gonna be so poetic this time. 😛 So what’s with this day?

I’m feeling so lonely instead of being gay!

I got myself so busy, As of the arrival of my big sissy.

With my recent adventures in my head,

Plus waiting for our trip has come to an end.

However, such reunions and trips won’t be able to fully conceal,

The things I had with me all throughout this year.

These emotions I was trying to suppress,

Suddenly burst out and yes!

I find myself looking at the past again.

Chasing back those memories as I woke up this morning.

Along with the greeting I secretly murmur,

That person whose celebrating is also the one to remember.

I’m missing, still looking and hoping that someday,

Answers and proper closure will find our way!

I know, I know, this sounds so eccentric,

For two people who once had a click,

Those chances that’re missed,

Are the ones someone wants to chase. I

don’t wanna sound so regretful,

Those experiences, however, made me nothin’ but full!

I no longer want to wish you evil,

Perhaps, good life and prosperity will do well.


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