My Twenty First

Happy Birthday to myself! ❤ ❤ ❤

I never have done so much in my life that sometimes I think I don’t deserve any of these. But that’s a total insult for anyone who believed in me and raised me to be the person I am right now. Who am I, what I believe in, how I do things, why I do them are just some of the things that made me who I am. Others just seem to be the reflection of the kind of people I am with for the past few years.

I don’t want to sound like a total hypocrite or someone who knows it all. I’m just merely starting to have my own life thankfully by the end of this long escapade. When it’s done, I’m gonna be living my own life- the kind of life I ever needed and wanted:

No more

“How I wish I can be that person who can do these things, visit these places, buy these things, have that dream job, etc etc”

I said none of these because I no longer want to wish to be somebody I am not, somebody who only lives up to the imagination and never have done anything to make these things possible. That’s the old me.

Instead, what I need is my whole self, social support and above all, the guidance of my Almighty Father.

With these three alliances, I now believe I can do things beyond imaginable. Failures may occur but there are people I know who will be behind me and God up above to stand beside me.

I now want to post the full scripture that’s written by my sister, Queyl as her graduation message to me:

Congratulations Teks Maria Michaela Q. Jamora, you have won the battle.The battle against your professors, against your school, against all activities, against all projects &papers&deadlines,against internships and against yourself. You have conquered all, all those are preparations for you. For you to face more challenges ahead.
Remember: Wherever you will be, whatever plans you have, we are always here.FAR but reachable.
So, Now is the time to step out. Face the real tough world. This is the time to make use of what you got, all that you have learned, power and strenght.
Whenever you go out, be an EMPTY CUP. Fill it with anything and everything you will find along the way. Fill it with experiences, fill it with people, fill it with learnings, mistakes, everyones knowledge, opinions, views, critics.
Every end of the day, whenever you are home, you will be amazed that Empty Cup is heavy and filled, open it, taste it, feel it, internalized it and learn as much as you can from it then decide which of those you have to let go and which are worth keeping.
But why? Why did I asked you to be an empty Cup when you are already Ready, Capable, Knowledgeable, Winner and Professional?
Beacause you cant FILL A FULL CUP. It will be wasted, anything you want to add to it will be thrown away, a full cup has no more Space.
Be a humble one. You do not have to show everybody how much knowledge you have inside, instead receive and keep collecting.
Because the difference between the Humble and the over confident? Over confident ones shows/ speaks everything they got before doing it. HUMBLE ones are the ones that gives out Results to everything that they are told to do.
People outhere are the worst critics. Self worth is earned. And it always better to hear ” SHE DOESNT SEEM TO KNOW ANYTHING BUT SHE DID THE BEST” rather than ” OH’ I THOUGHT SHE WAS THE BEST.

Though it is intended for graduation but the whole message says it all.

Here’s to MORE

lessons to learn,

adversities to conquer,

relationships to mend,

dreams to turn into reality,

broken hearts to heal

people to meet,

helpless people to serve

places to visit,

mountains to climb,

plains and ships to aboard,

animals to feed,

beaches to swim ( I can swim soon haha),

entries to post,

and many many more years to serve God with a purpose.

These are blessings to me.

Maria Michaela Quilang – Jamora


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