Hurting Hearts will Heal

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This is my confession.

Since childhood, I have always wish for a family who never have anything behind each other’s back. The kind of family that’s ideal. And it’s quite possible to say that at 21, my wish still remains a dream! If it’s still a dream, then perhaps I can choose whether to keep on daydreaming or open my eyes and see what’s real.
I’ve said it before

I’ll be saying it once more.

I thanked God up above,

for all the loved ones I have

From birth to date

up until the day of my death.

I hope before that day comes,

the hurting hearts of some

Those hearts of today

That are full of abhorence and gray

Will find its way to love, forgive and heal

rather than burn those hearts in hell.

It’s again a simple wish to make,

So my guilt will stop to shake,

I just thought I could make it through,

But watching it in a full show

Makes me nothing but an observer,

Not an Action taker. 😦

But I have to spare myself with an open mind to see

An adult’s decisions in life is something we don’t need to worry

Especially when everything is given and done,

And we all know the problem lies in acceptance. IN ACCEPTANCE.

It’s indeed a harsh reality!

But I know, hope will come in any way

I’ll just have to believe, do action and pray!

❤ ❤ ❤


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