San Andreas

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Pardon me if I could be a little bias for this movie! Well, I could defend myself for that!

Here’s the scenario.

You’re gonna watch a movie that’s totally fresh from cinema house. Ohh enough of waiting months before you’re able to download that hot stuff. I’m that kind. Give me a copy and I’ll be very happy to spend the whole time watching.

Next is. How about watching it in a new-visited place (Cinema House, Robinsons Place Iloilo) on the eve of your 21st birthday with your sister and parents? Isn’t it amazing? That’s totally stunning right?

There go the reasons why I’m totally stunned with the whole experience, not just the movie itself.

Okay. I’ve said enough.

The movie has reached beyond my expectations about natural disasters. My brother-in-law said it was horrifying to which my sister also concluded that it was the most painful death. Yes, they are right. I’ve seen moves like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and a whole lot more that my mind can no longer remember but this one would totally shake your nerve from beginning to end (thanks to its excellent visual effects). So prepare yourself especially if you’re someone who couldn’t take INTENSE movies. Atleast I have warned you. 😀

I like it’s never ending twists and the effect would really scare you to death to the point that I found myself hallucinating. I have these thoughts about the end of the world, that not a single material thing can help you survive and all these stuffs my mother used to tell me before. They’re way too scary. However, these thoughts somehow help me evaluate myself as to how prepare am I as a person, as a professional and as a human whenever tragedies and when I’m say tragedy, I’m referring not only to natural calamities but also the people’s capacity to create one.

And of course, since I’m with my folks and I grew up in close-knitted family, then I must say I love the movie for how it conveys a family relationship. It’s a bit disappointing however to see that Ray’s (Dwayne Johnson) marriage is on the brink of failure. Still on the brink since his supposed to be ex wife finally realized how douche bag her boyfriend Daniel is will be the moment he flees in terror, leaving her daughter Sam on the parking garage. Ohh, must I thank that real estate developer beau of yours Emma (Carla Gugino)?  Really, sometimes tragedies will help bring the best out of us.

All thanks to that boy and his witty little bro and Sam is able to let go. What a camaraderie-turn-to-love will it be? Sweet! And the fact that Sam’s too smart and the boy’s too supportive will definitely make the click. After all, we all know they have survived the calamity and make their bond much stronger than ever. Happy ending and I’m loving it! ❤

So I made a score. It’s 9/10.


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