#MTDoV Series: Sisterly Duty

I finally got myself back on track after long days of being so quiet, idle but definitely not unproductive. After all, I have already made previous posts, though the entries are not particularly about my life for the past perfect weeks. By getting back on track means having to do this series: My Thirty-Day on Vacay to which I shortened to #MTDoV. Want to find out? 😀 😀 😀

I’ll get started with doing what little sister must do- running errands.

Even before my sister came home from India, I had spent hours looking for the best vacation deals for Palawan. That’s errand number one. 😀 Since Palawan’s been a dream destination, choosing the best package deal was pretty tough. I had to get through lots of research, inquiries, follow-ups ups, sending these information back to the financers ( 😀 ) before finally weighing up the options. By doing all of these, I could get the best way to explore Palawan without putting our parents in trouble. Haha Yes, there were lots of options and cheaper means but it could only be done if we had to do the trip all by younger selves. I’m actually referring to me and my sister only. 😀 Even getting cheaper flights was challenging enough especially when I had to consider having four of us sticking to a budget. After a week full of negotiations, I’d finally found Vacation Deal to arrange our trip.

Errand number two went to getting her fixed from the airport. Of course, who else would be able to do that if I was the only one sibling living in Davao? Hahah

Lastly, errands wouldn’t be without doing her demands. Of course, it didn’t hurt at all when I had to do her few favors sometimes. I did asked our landlady to let her stay, chaperoned her, fed her (don’t worry, we used to bully each other 😀 ) with Filipino cuisine to which I made sure she was full enough before hitting the bed and among any others.


However, these demands seem to be our way to bond. Haha after all, she’s a best companion. I might tail her all the way but she’s gonna reward me with encouragement, real talk that you could only get from a grown up and of course, she’s gonna treat with good food! Not too bad! We’re such an eater, y’know?


At Azon’s Boneless Lechon

As foodie as we are, we spent our last night in Davao at Azon’s Boneless Lechon located in front of NCCC Mall along Mc-Arthur Highway, Matina, Davao City.

My sister’s coming home was part of breaking her daily routines as a full-time mom while her two kids were on vacation. Aside from that, I bet she’s really missing home, talking to our parents, meeting relatives, laughing with her friends, eating Filipino dishes, doing things she hadn’t done for the past years and wandering around the place where she used to live. Within the span of thirty days, she’s got to do these all with me. Hahah

PS: All photos above are courtesy of Queyl Jamora. ❤


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