#MTDoV Series: Touchdown Iloilo

It’s 8th of June, 2015. This is my second post for the series I called #MTDoV or My Thirty-Day on Vacay! ❤

If there’s anyone who couldn’t be any happier on that day, it could be me!

I started that day waking up at 4 am hoping to catch an early morning mass. Even though I technically “celebrated” my birthday a day before (e.g. attending Sunday Mass and had a simple celebration at home), going to a Eucharistic Celebration right on the actual date had been my way of celebrating my day for the past years. Unfortunately, I never heard a single bell ringing! 😦

So rather than be disappointed the whole day, I spent the remaining time packing our bags while constantly reminding my mother to finish packing. She’s obviously too slow for that and for what I’d remember, she had been packing for more than a day. Haha Luckily before time struck at 12 noon, she’s got everything packed up.


My sis Queyl, Carl (nephew, Papa, Epoi (nephew), Mama and me

We left our home about 11:30 and rode a jeepney for almost one hour. Pretty challenging considering that we’d got more than five bags in possession. Haha The nearest city from our place is Cagayan de Oro. From there, it would take another two-hour depending on the traffic ride to get to the Laguindingan International Airport. This airport was opened more than two years ago since it’s airport’s transfer of location from Lumbia.

However, even that two-hour ride didn’t bore me at all. Since it would be my first to have a flight in that airport, my excitement made me so giddy that I spent the whole ride watching the place we were just passing by. Poor confession I must say but I had never gone to any places in between of Cagayan de Oro and Laguindingan! 😦

We reached the airport and I was so amazed by it’s location. I actually never saw (obviously haha) an airport near the coastal area and it’s expanding, literally and figuratively. It’s clean though the goods inside were extremely expensive. Haha And I sounded like I’m complaining. We waited until 4 pm until the plain landed and had the passengers aboard the plane. I couldn’t remember how long it took us on top until I heard the flight attendant saying we were 30-minute advance of the approximate time of arrival. Good way Cebu Pacific. Hahaha And (drum rolls). 😀 😀

Dakbanwa sang Iloilo, Bugal Ko (My City, My Pride) IMG_1226

And wow! I was in the middle of flying on my birthday! Hopping from one island to another. God, you’re such a wonderful creator. When we arrived, I could hear people talking with their Hiligaynon accents. Overwhelmed, I couldn’t help myself but to mimic their ways of talking but to no avail. Hahah The airport was also clean and there were vigilant securities that made you feel safe all of a sudden. The “pitcher” or whatever you may call those people who approached the tourists for their transfer services were also persuasive and had fixed rates right in their own hands. When we got one, we settled for P500.00 from airport to One Lourdes Dormitel located at the center of the city.

With it’s 45-minute ride, we’d come to appreciate the city of Iloilo. The roads were wide and clean with no visible street vendors. There were wide plain lands which could be very ideal for business or agriculture. I knew this place has somehing more to offer. It’s very quite and the traffic wasn’t congested. Again, thanks to its road widening.  Thankfully, we’d got one more day to stay.

We arrived at the dormitel at almost 6 pm, perfect for the dinner. Haha We were sure to be so hungry as we didn’t ate our lunch and only depend on the goodies we bought at the airport. The dormitel, though quite far from the airport, but it was in fact conventional since it was located at the center of Iloilo. I wasn’t able to capture our room, only the pathway and the mirror facing the elevator. Yes, they had one which is good for our parents.

The Robinsons Place Iloilo is just located at the back and it could be seen right through the window from the dormitel. It’s where we headed right after.

Photo by Queyl Jamora

Photo by Queyl Jamora

Upon arrival, we looked for restaurant immediately. Hahah Our hungry tummies couldn’t take it any more. 😀


Photo Credit: Queyl Jamora

Haha there you have it! Our first groufie while waiting for our sumptuous meal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture the meals as we immediately grab the meal as soon as it arrived. Hahah It’s too messy, mind you! 😀

Then we decided to exercise and let our meals to be digested before entering the Cinema House. We stroll  a bit. Hahah Waiting for the last full show of San Andreas and celebrating my second debut had never been this good. ❤


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