Book Indulgement

These past few days, I happened to answer questions about favorite books and authors. Hahah Unfortunately, I didn’t answer those questions thinking of my love-hate relationship for the books. Now, this is just to remind myself that I was ONCE a bookworm.
When will I ever become a bookworm again?


Diane Gaston, Stephen J. Cannell and more to go. You know who they are?

They’re authors trying to fill up mind to ease the boredom I’ve been experiencing right now eh!

By the way, a lot hmm of things happen to me lately, like rejecting some BPO job offer and being rejected in return. So much for me to say, I’m quite sad about that. Like one day, I wanna rush myself into getting something and the next thing you’ll know, I’m laying on my bed the whole day with books around. Such a nerdy now as I’ve ever been before. Yet, procrastination still drags me, making me so unproductive.

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