#MTDoV Series: One Lourdes Dormitel

June 9th. The third series for #MTDoV Series.

We ended our day one in Iloilo with a movie San Andreas and a good night sleep at single bedroom at One Lourdes Dormitel. Our parents stayed on the other room as we wouldn’t be able to get the family bedroom until the next evening. That’s what happened when troubles came along the way. But despite the first set-up, the kind of service they had won’t leave you unsatisfied.

Here’s the map where the One Lourdes Dormitel could be located. Its location’s pretty good. (All photos except from the mirror shot, hallway at the second floor and pictures below the “goofing around” section are taken from dormitel’s website).

mapI must say the staffs right here were very accommodating. I loved their Hiligaynon accent because it’s too sweet to hear. The facilities as well were upgraded. And because we stayed on different rooms, telephone’s a big help especially when we were both in need to pass informations. Even ordering meals for the next day, they’re just one call away. I was overwhelmed. Not to mention that I got to reserve these two rooms for less than P 2, 000 in two nights. Jackpot!  🙂


One thing I also like about it is their elevator. Haha Our parents won’t be too worried about going upstairs.

Then when you go out from the elevator, voala! Don’t be too scared when a mirrors greet you. Hahah So conventional as you might want to do last-minute makeover. 😀

The rooms were all clean and had their power saving strategies. Once you enter the room, you’ve got to insert the power card for the electricity to generate. Along with the power card is the key to your room. So it’s more convenient when you’re in a hurry and must leave the room immediately as there’s no need to worry about whether you had switch the power or not.

travelbook room02

The actual picture above wasn’t the one me and my sister used to sleep for the first night. Or maybe it was, it’s just it was arranged differently we we arrived. The second bedroom however, was our bedroom the second night. The bed sheets used in these photo were not the one used when we were there.

The bedroom won’t be complete without its bathroom. I seemed to be quite picky with the bathrooms. I even loved it more especially when it has water heater shower. Hahah Forgive me but I’m too “kandingon” or the one’s whose too afraid to bath in cold water. Fortunately, the ones they had passed my not-so-OC standard. 😀 😀 😀

Of course, we wouldn’t let our stay passed without goofing around. Hahah

DSC03233 DSC03236

DSC03237So funny to start our wandering mission, right? Haha After all, we only have this day to roam around Iloilo.

Until next post then. ❤


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