#MTDoV Series: On Wearing Hand-Me-Downs

Haha Am I writing too fast? Sharing my fourth post of my #MTDoV Series!

When I’m travelling around, one thing I’d really like to consider is my dress code. I’d be almost crazy, but not totally, when it comes to thinking what top should I wear, will it fit to my shoes and among any other questions in between. Adding up to the challenge is the fact most items in my closet are hand-me-downs. Perks of being the youngest again. ❤

Haha Now, sometimes I’d think being a female is much more complicated than any other species. 😀 Much complicated than pulling a “look” out of hand-me-down things.

When my sister and I left Davao to come to our province, I chose to dress up like this. Hahah


Photo credit: Queyl Jamora

Its texture is quite rough, thin and is see-through. I’d love to wear see-through dress because it makes me feel bold in a subtle way. Aside from that, the dress allows me to cover my “macho” arms without covering my broad shoulders. I paired it up with  one-strip bra so that there’ll be emphasize on neck to the shoulder. The perks of this dress is that it can be too warm so I’d definitely use it in medium temperatures.

To make it look super comfy, I used Reebook sandals which my mother allowed me to use. 😀

Next is…..IMG_1209Now, I’m being too chic with this outfit. 🙂 Again, the top is see-through but it is best worn with a sleeveless underneath. Not unless you want to “expose” the heck out of you, then wearing this without an underneath garment won’t be a problem.

Since it tends to look bulky, I prefer to pair it with high-waist short and insert the top inside the short. I don’t know why but I’m becoming obsessed with an “insert” style thing these days. With the Reebook covering my feet, then the look seem to be legit.  I wear my bee-sunglass here just to compliment with an up-do hairstyle. Plus, I’ve got my shawl ready for use in case I want to cover any “emergency” area. 😀 Talking about having not-so-confident-wearing-sleeveless syndrome. Thanks sister! <3.

Does my outfit make my look too obvious to be carrying more than 8 kgs. at my back? Haha You’ll be the judge. 😀

DSC03228And my last than-me-down outfit I’ll be presenting is the one above. Haha Again, I feel like I emphasize my “macho” arms too much. Poor angle! 😀 But who cares? 😀

With a high-waist short and flat sandal, I guess I’ve pulled it off already! I also got to use the watch my sister gave me. Hehe It seems to me a perfect outfit to roam around Robinsons Place Iloilo and Riverside Boardwalk.


20150609_181705As for the shawl, I haven’t made use of that for the shoot above. Except for the last one as the wind in that area becomes cold. Other than that, having shawl seems to be perfect to use at night especially when all of you came from a buffet meal and end up with your tummy’s bulging without mercy.


Now, did I just trick you? Haha One couldn’t tell I devoured too many food of any kinds (from appetizer, main course to desserts and beverage) that night. But still, as clever as I’ve always been, the shawl conceals it all. Hahaha

I hope you enjoy my little antics.

Thanks to my big sister for taking all of these photos. ❤


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