Untold Stories

I decided to take on few breaks of my #MTDoV Series today as I have some heartwarming stories to share. Perhaps, I just don’t want to leave moments like this to be taken for granted. Instead, I want to put it right here. ❤

27th of June.

This day was the annual fiesta of Brgy. Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City. This could also be my major comeback after years of being unable to attend and visit our relatives living there. After all, I was still the kid tailing her father when going to various fiestas.

It was 10 am in the morning when we left home for Puerto. Too early for lunch but in return, we could still have much time to spend on eating, doing chitchats and drinking sessions for the elders. All of these activities were done until we’d got an invitation.

Uncle Mundo decided to take his cousins (my aunts) back to Opol and took us to be with him with a purpose on visiting an aunt as well. The aunt is said to more than 88 years old and referred as the only “living folk” as she’s the wife of my father’s late uncle. The unexpected trip made me more excited. I’d be able to visit Opol for the first time and met this woman they were taking about. But before that could happen, we must first seek ourselves enjoying little spaces between one another inside the multicab. I was always game for it!

We traveled almost one hour. I enjoyed the view from where I sit. I could see the new bridge and the Isla de Oro, an island within Cagayan de Oro River. Sounds interesting!

Then, we arrived at our destination. We dropped them off and proceeded to their aunt’s house. I was surprised for I thought she’d already been lying on the bed, looking so helpless!

I was so damn wrong!

Instead, we found her washing clothes and even used “poso” to bring out water from the underground . She’s very energetic and could still make “banigs” or a handwooven mats made of palm or sea grass used for sleeping or sitting. She’s very fond of talking about her past with anyone of her nephews including on how she took care of my father before when my late Lola left them in her care. She’d still call my father “Giging”, his childhood pet name. Now, don’t forget that she’s already an 88-year-old woman! Great memory Lola hah! You seemed to defeat me with your good “memory”. 😀

I could still remember how she hugged my father and my uncle so tightly when we were about to leave. She’s been very happy that we paid a visit and gave her some “compensation” in exchange of her banigs. Her smile had left me in awe! I wondered how great is that to have a Lola like her.

On our way home, my father then elaborated Lola’s stories. He told me that Lola used to discipline him when he’s acting so mischievous. Then I heard stories I never heard before. It felt like I was going deep down to someone’s past. It’s really great.

As for me, I’ve been blessed to experience moments like these. These are the things one shouldn’t miss. I heard more stories from my father and it’s all been very colorful. He had stories which ranges from being mischievous boy who liked to have fun down but then always caught up by her disciplinarian mom to living his life in an independent way. But definitely, what I’ve heard belonged to his funny childhood moments. We were all blessed to be hearing things like these.

Then out of a sudden, I came to ask myself, “Will I ever share stories of my childhood the way my father shared his own to his children and grandchildren?” That left me in wonder.



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