#MTDoV Series: Touchdown Palawan

My sixth series will start on the 10th of June.

We woke up too early in the morning and prepared ourselves for a long day. The sky was still so dark by then. We tried to contact the front desk and had our order but the kitchen wouldn’t be available until six in the morning. We couldn’t wait. We had to leave before six.

Fifteen minutes before six, we left One Lourdes Dormitel and headed directly to Iloilo International Airport for our 8:00 a flight bound for Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We had Vacation Deals, our travel agent constantly checking up on our whereabouts. Finally, after years of dreaming about this place, we were just few minutes away to reach it.



Photo by Queyl Jamora

Luckily, we never had any trouble with our flight. We were aboard inside the plane almost thirty minutes earlier. And since it’s a fine morning and good weather, I was tempted to sit beside the window with the hopes to see few islands or mountains upon reaching Palawan. Luckily, my mother agreed to my proposal. We swapped our seats with her sitting between me and Papa. 😀 One lucky girl. Hahah

Unfortunately, my hopes on seeing those things never happened since I was sitting on the left side of the plane. 😦 Instead of seeing different forms of lands,it turned out I was staring on the vastness of the Sulu Sea. Even if my sister once called the incident as “karma”, I never cared at all. Hahah

I never thought the flight would be so short. In fact, the flight attendants announced that we were thirty minutes earlier than the expected arrival. We were few minutes from landing when I finally saw the Paradise Land and their simple airport. Here, we welcomed ourselves to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.


Photo by Queyl Jamora


Madam Che of the Vacation Deals called us immediately after we landed. I told her no one was carrying my name in a banner. That brought us to be worried but she kept on reassuring we would never be disappointed.

Then a van suddenly showed up with the Acacia Tree Garden Hotel’s name imprinted on the outside. We said, “WOW’ with our eyes filled with excitement, undoubtedly very impressed with a VIP-like treatment. Hahaha We looked pretty legit tourists!  😀 😀 The driver was then very sorry for the delay as he wasn’t expecting that our arrival would be quite early.

Getting inside the hotel's pick-up van.

Getting inside the hotel’s pick-up van.

Well, that’s one of the perks of getting a travel agent fixed the trip for you! Vacation Deals, thumbs up!


There goes my name. Hahah


Now, we were already for what’s next: Puerto Princesa City Tour!

Keep posted! ❤


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