On Rainbow Colors

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This can be the biggest leap of the LGBT Movement in history and will eventually create big impact in the coming years.

Before I begin, I’ll have to remind you that this isn’t some sort of an expertly-discussed article, Neither this post contains any facts.This post, however, is about me sharing my thoughts through my OWN perspective.

If ever you find this post inadequate or foolish somehow, you are then free to get more information (facts and opinions alike) as many and accurate as possible from the official sites of the people or organizations involve. It’s all been there! In case it didn’t work, then at least, I have warned you!

I will talk in a Psychological aspect!

As a Psychology graduate, I have acquired knowledge in the past about these “queer” people. And sad to say, they are once considered as people having mental disorders for reasons such not behaving the way a man or a woman “should behave”. In short, they are deviants in social norms. Other theory also states that being “queer” is just phase! It’s either part of growing up or simply to put it as “confused individuals”. And if ever you read or heard about this oedipus complex then I’ll bet you wont be having hard time to understand what I am talking about. Aside from these factors, others also considered being “queer” as the result of the repressed emotions or memories. Let’s say, the child was traumatized in her childhood or a young lad/lady with no history of abuse will have to experience horrible things in the hands of their partners or the people around them. Situations like these and any other circumstances will push these people to prove themselves and find their worth. It’s been a struggle that started way too long. For how long? We don’t know! But one thing, they sure have struggled a lot until that day came. They surely deserve such recognition.

In a social aspect.

In my country, their struggles (emotional, psychological and etc.) come from being bullied, abused from parents or relatives who couldn’t accept their sexuality, becoming ones “all-time-provider” up to being accused as the source of sexual diseases. I know there can still be more forms of abuse but these are so far the most common cases. But despite all of these, because of the contributions they have made, the Filipino society has finally accepted them. This has given them a lot of opportunity to live, be educated and transformed to be the best versions of themselves. Neither they are prosecuted nor killed because of their gender preference or simply by having a relationship with same sex. Again, they’re widely accepted by the majority of Filipino community except for those cultures or religion that prefer not to have such recognition.

Even before that “big leap” of LGBT Movement happened, I already have big respect for each one of the LGBT community. For someone living in the Philippines and has been staying in a city that has long been dominated by “queer” people, you won’t help yourself but to like them, if not every but in any way. I have lots of friends like them.  Everyday, the media will let you know how productive they are in their respective areas. Some are professionals who are immensely good in everything they do. Others also excel in arts and crafts, entertainments and even social services. I wish I could enumerate every contributions they have made. But there are so many. Much more than anyone could ever imagine. They are simply jewels!

For me, they are already reaping what they sow. However, everything has its own limit.

Now, I want to remind you that I am a Roman Catholic and has a huge family members. Neither of us are “queer” or somehow experienced being one for sometime.

I guess, their current situation has enabled them to become better individuals. And in return, they gain respect and recognition from the people and the world. However in this matter, I guess it’s safe to say that one couldn’t get it all. The Church has stated to respect their preference to be with someone who has the same sex as him/her. It respects the companionship or anything alike except for one thing- getting married. I hope that’s perfectly enough. I’ll say, they can do whatever they wanted to. Maybe leave the country and go abroad for the chance of getting Same Sex Marriage. But just leave this marriage for the ones who deserve it. Leave this for the church won’t look mediocre for their century-old Bible teachings. By giving values to those people who fight for it hundreds of years ago. Just leave this holy sacrament for people who can obey and do just as what God wants them to do. Shall I say, to produce an offspring and create a wholistic environment wherein the child will learn and grow to become better and God-fearing individual. Just leave this marriage in order to prevent the Natural Law from breaking apart, creating much more confusion in the side of the believers.

Just leave this. Just this.


9 thoughts on “On Rainbow Colors

  1. I really wouldn’t mind GIVING you a hug right now! What you’ve said is sooo on point. People can go on trolling and making a laughing stock out of what the don’t understand properly but people like you are there to stand by and celebrate the Happiness of Humanity in each and every moment! We as humans need to understand that, we have to and MUST stand by each other in all sorrows and Joys! This post was so necessary! Thanks. ^_^ ❤ #PRIDE

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