#MTDoV Series: Puerto Princesa’s Hidden Gems

After feeling quite nostalgic with the Puerto Princesa’s hidden history and it’s ever abundant indigenous products, we found ourselves back to the road again. The road which would lead would to Puerto Princesa’s other famous destinations.

It took us , they (my parents and sister) had all the privilege to enjoy our next stop: Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation. I was absolutely happy for them though I never had any clues as to what they did inside.

Perhaps they had taken photos of crocodiles,
20150610_151014listened to the guides giving important information (or just read the tarpaulins provided),

posing with a baby crocs in their hands

roamed around,

and eating crocs sisig.


Finally, I had my share. Heheh

Enough said! 😦 Because certainly, that’s what they did as per evidence of the photos above. (Thanks sister Queyl for taking these photos for me. 😛 😀 😀 ).

As for me? I’d unfortunately spent the whole time inside the van trying to recover myself from having stomachache. 😦 Too bad because of the too good meal taken voraciously last night. 😦 Though it wasn’t such a big deal as I had already seen countless of crocodiles in Davao, still the event was considered as “forfeited” or “missed”. No matter what, I was one big happy girl again when they went back to the van carrying their “sisig crocodile dish”. At that time, my body had already recovered from that “aching to the death” and stumbled and fall” feeling of suffering such great pain (Thanks Sir She for med, anyway). I was like thinking of having a “bounce back” later on. After all, the day had not ended yet. Hihi (*insert evil smile).

After they had spoiled themselves, it’s my time to roam around the Butterfly Eco Garden. 😀 😀 😀


Photo Credit: Queyl Jamora

Before we went inside, Sir Zandro explained to us the geographical location and any related tourism information of Puerto Princesa and Palawan as a whole.

The door going inside the EcoGarden seemed to be a cave which resembles the infamous Puerto Princesa Underground River. Aside from butterflies, they had some common animals inside.


the only saltwater crocodile inside the EcoGarden

When there are animals common to us, there are also some which are rare. As rare as they are that they’re already considered as “endemic”. These are Palawan Bearcat and Palawan Peacock. Here’s the funny thing! Before this escapade, I’d never heard of such animal called “peahen” because what I only know is peacock. Hahah At last! 😀

I wasn’t really an animal lover because I was so afraid of any non-dog animals. Though dogs sometimes scared the hell out of me. Haha But after I visited their mini-sanctuary and given the knowledge I learned since I was a kid, I felt like they were no longer animals to me. They’re like humans which needed shelters, foods to eat and people to care for them. We’re after all living creatures.
It wasn’t long after we proceed to Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill. Both destinations, however, were found on what they called “The Millionaire’s Village”. Geographically, the place is found uphill of Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa.

Mitra’s house isn’t only famous as the house of Senator Ramon Mitra but for being one-column house. It’s column supports the -umbrella-like rooftop. 🙂

The one-

The one-

The view deck’s also famous for the roaming cows, horses and for its picturesque view. Unfortunately, I’d never captured any roaming animals. 😀

When we were there, I remembered taking off our shoes before going inside.

After indulging ourselves inside Mitra’s Ranch, we headed down to Baker’s Hill. It’s the home for delectable breads and pastries and for it’s Mini- Disneyland.


The enchanting entrance and exit. 😀

T’was really amazing. The place brought us back to being kid’s at heart. Haha

Haha of course my turn to pose in between these two grandiose house.


I really couldn’t stop my feet from discovering more. So I found myself at the kiddie’s place complimented by a garden full of rare plants. ❤

Of course, the place was also for lovers. Lots of love. Haha ❤

There’s so much more to appreciate in this place. But then before I ended this post, I shouldn’t forget why we came here in the first place- to taste their mouthwatering hopia. Really, it’s one of a kind. 😀


Then finally, those were the destinations included in Puerto Princesa City Tour. See you ’til next post! ❤


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