#MTDoV Series: Acacia Tree Garden Hotel

Of course, the escapade would never be complete without securing an accommodation. My unending gratitude for our travel agent by providing us one of Puerto Princesa’s finest hotel. It’s none other than the title itself, Acacia Tree Garden Hotel.

The said hotel is located at Manalo St, Puerto Princesa, just few minutes away from city proper and airport. Going to the hotel really feels like you’re travelling inside the forest because you can see lots of acacia trees among any others. Hence, the name itself is called as such.

Being rated as three-star hotel, they have numerous amenities available for guests to enjoy.

Aside from having billiard pole, there is also miniature of a soccer game. There’ also a traditional game like “sungka”. We played right after we arrived.

They also have a swimming pool right in front of the room. Luckily, the pool’s 5-feet deep water seems to be so convenient for non-swimmer like me. Haha

Hahah Here we are indulging ourselves for a night swim after one day of full of surprises.

IMG_0193The room we had was a family room. Though we never know the price since it’s already in a package deal, we are surely well-taken care off by the staffs.

Other rooms for couples or even single rooms are located just around the hotel. By the way, I’m loving their architecture and designs. So classy! ❤


They have telephones which are directly connected to the front desk so calling their attention for some concerns or otherwise informing the guests will be as easy and efficient as possible. They also asked the guests for their preferred menu for the next day’s breakfast. For us, we needed to submit a checklist before 6pm or you might had it much later than 6 pm. And since we’re on a package deal, our meals were always upgraded. If not upgraded, you wouldn’t feel bad at all since they had prepare American style breakfast with unlimited fruits and beverages. Hahah So not bad at all, okay? 😀

So far, our stay was so memorable. It’s all worth it. ❤


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