Dear Future Employers

I’m gonna have a break from doing my #MTDoV Series. For once, I have been quite stuck and I guess that makes me more legitimate to make this entry.

This post is originally taken from my personal Facebook account.  Though I have made few revisions from the original post, if you’re a friend of mine, then you might better check its origin which was posted on the 2nd of July. Click here.

Dear Future Employers,

I’m having the best time of my life right here! If you don’t mind, I’m gonna tell you a thing or two.

Being here at home actually means I have nothing to worry about. I have stopped worrying over bills for room accommodation, water and electricity. Even if I have to do some errands or household chores, still that’s quite a big difference for having P 1,100 monthly room payment when I was in Davao. In terms of meals, nah, no problem! I only have to cook whatever it’s in there and eat three times a day for free. Haha And when it’s free, there’s no need to unintentionally skip meals and to rely much on “carenderia” foods. Eventually, my weight and figure scale up a bit. There’s a physical change as well as behavioral. Sleeping late at night ain’t makes me worry as I don’t have to rush in the morning. And yes, I tend to oversleep sometimes. 😀 Whether I decide to sleep in the afternoon or spend the teaching my father how to use my laptop doesn’t make any problem. In fact, I’m helping my folk to learn few things. Just recently, he will just browse anything (wars, history and etc.) and calls me whenever he needs assistance. Hahah Good daughter, ain’t I?

Moreover, it’s a whole lot being totally carefree. Well, thanks to my parents!

So just take your time reviewing my qualification and resumes. I guess I have sent you more than enough and I won’t get tired sending it back for million times. I’m certainly not in a hurry and mind you, I’m a person whose really, really, really good at waiting. Patience is definitely one of my virtues.

Thank you! 

Sincerely yours,

Your Future Employee


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