#MTDoV Series: Kalui Restaurant and Baragatan 2015

Hooray, here’s my last leg for day one in Puerto Princesa! With so many things that happened on the 10th of June, I felt obliged to chop it off to bits leading to my first, second and third posts before coming to an end. To end our day would mean getting ourselves with sumptuous meals and a visit in their annual celebration called Baragatan 2015.

We were quite ecstatic as to how Mr. Zandro teased us about Kalui Restaurant. He was really a good story teller. Being quite humorous as he was,  he jokingly told us the owner, whose named was Luis had what he called as “double-citizenry”. That’s certainly because he’s half-Filipina and half-Filipino. 🙂 Don’t laugh, I don’t intend it as a joke but it’s true according to our witty tourist guide. 🙂

We were almost convinced to check this one out until we realized we never made a reservation. Luckily, we were taken care off by our travel agent and had this dinner bookings prepared for us. Hoooray, all we gotta do was to show up. 😀

After we were dropped off at our hotel, we immediately cleaned ourselves and went out for our 6:00 pm reservation. We rode a trike for P 50.00 going to Rizal Avenue where the restaurant was located. Equipped with cameras, we were very excited to witness first hand how cozy the restaurant was and whether Mr. Zanro was telling the truth or was he just kidding.

True enough, at first you really wouldn’t notice the restaurant since the name Kalui was almost hidden by some plants and it’s relatively small when seen from the road. But when you enter through a small canopy, you’ll be surely be amazed what’s in the inside.


The restaurant was like a small villa made in native wooden house being highlighted with lights and different ornaments. It’s also famous for having guests leaving their footwear outside and be placed in a basket. And why not? The floor was clean and well-polished floor that you would be ashamed on bringing your shoes in. Haha

Though, walking with barefoot hadn’t looked so bad at all. 😉

DSC03443 - Copy

We were then greeted by their friendly and accommodating staffs. It was all clear to me then that our tour guide wasn’t lying. The ambiance of the restaurant was sophisticated enough to draw attention not just from me but for all their guests. Fortunately when we arrived, there wasn’t enough crowd to fill every tables so I still had the chance to roam around and took some pictures in it.


This sit-in table will catch your attention the moment you enter the restaurant.

Then I was reminded by our tourist guide’s advise: Roam around, took picture and never missed the comfort room. It sure will take away your 30 minutes without even noticing it. Do these BEFORE you even made your order. (Their servings will only take 15-20 minutes before served). 🙂

I guessed, I followed his advise flawlessly. And here’s what we’d found. 😀

The centerpiece stage

The centerpiece stage

Lots of artworks hanging around

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Those were only seen around the restaurant. Even me, I was surprised to see what’s inside Kalui’s Comfort Room. You would never thought that the following photos (all credit to my sister) were taken inside the CR.

The wall was designed with floral paintings. To add up with the sophistication and drama, they pt some candles inside.

Even the doors were exceptionally beautiful so as the lavatory. Very homey! ❤

His really right. It took us several minutes before we finally realized that we’re here to eat. Hahah We almost forget about foods as we continually spoiled ourselves with their enchanting CR. Not your average comfort rooms eh! Haha

After few minutes, we were then served by their delectable foods. Again, there were lots of seafoods.

We had lobsters, fish curry, fried eggplant and fruits as dessert.

Of course, one shouldn’t forget our family dinner photo. 🙂


Our experience with Kalui Restaurant had left us in total awe. One really couldn’t imagine that once you had made your reservation, you’re only not going to eat and fill your tummy with their mouthwatering dishes but you also had the chance appreciate different artworks. It always felt like you’re in a restaurant and art museum all at once. 😀 It’ll challenged your visual senses and tickle your taste buds to whole new level. True as it may seemed, but I ain’t a fan of some cozy restaurant. However, Kalui was simply exceptional and could be regarded as one of Puerto Princesa’s pride. Two thumbs up. ❤

Lastly, we opted to visit their plaza since they were celebrating their Baragatan 2015. According to this site called Visit Palawan.Info, the said Baragatan Festival and grand Celebration of the Founding of the Civil Government of Palawan came from the Cuyuno word “bagat” which means convergence of people coming together from various municipalities. This month long celebration that’s held every month of June, these peoplr from different municipalities bring their songs, dances and music and present all these aspects of life through cultural presentation, trade shows, exhibitions, float parade and street dancing.

Needless to say, we enjoyed the celebration for the short time before hitting the hotel and prepare things for tomorrows agenda: Puerto Princesa Underground River. Karst Mountain and Elephant Cave and Ugong Rock Adventure.

The fountain at the center.

the fountain at the center

Photo: Queyl Jamora

The over flowing booths inside.

So that’s how our day ended for DAY 1. Hahaha

Keep posted for the next day’s adventures. ❤


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