Let’s Follow Each Other and Blog Together

wordpress-blogging-software-logoBefore I start, lemme set this straight!

I’m cordially inviting everyone, amateur and professional bloggers alike to be part of our FB group called WordPress Bloggers. How?

By simply clicking this LINK and it will lead you to the FB group. Ask to join! Ain’t hard right?

I intentionally formed this group last July 2 so as to give directory to those who blog using WordPress. Obviously, that’s how I got the group’s name. 😀

As of the writing, the five-day old WordPress Bloggers has already 15 members (including me heheh). Join us as we welcome you all with open arms. 😀 😀 😀

I’d like to end this post with gratitude to the following bloggers who never hesitated to accept my invitation to be a part of the group. I’d also like to thank other co-member/blogger who invited their friends or “virtual friends” as well. Haha I hope I did not annoy you or cause you stress in the process. Hahaha



Decoding Happiness




glimmer of happiness 🙂

Scribbles and Rambles

Eye for Beauty ♥

Ms. Angel

Ms. Raya

Ms. Neeza

Photo ni Ompong

handmadebymichali in collaboration with the author behind aysabaw

So let’s follow one another and we’ll blog together. Happy blogging everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

PS: As per request, I decided to link their webby and have their “personal” name deleted. This is to avoid any possible intrusion and to protect their identity as well. I’m sorry for the ones I have offended. I learned something new today. Also, I’m sorry for the bloggers whose website are not included. Having hard time tracing their webby. 😀 😀


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