#MTDoV Series: Hours after Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

I’m probably writing in a rush right now after knowing that I’ve only got few days to finish my #MTDoV Series. But hey, I’m always writing the best way possible so I still hope you’re enjoying every bit of my post. 😀 😀 😀

Now, the pictures above will tell you or give you a hint about my next post. So……

The last post I had left me with only few days to finish the series. Yes, I’ve said that before but there’s no one to blame though. After all, I need more time and a whole lot of inspiration to reminisce all the wonderful memories and bring them back to life as I write my entries. Good memories aren’t just easy to forget, right?

I better start this with a “tamilok” experience.

Photo Source: www.pao.org.ph

Photo Source: http://www.pao.org.ph

Upon arrival at the Sabang Beach from the Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour, our guide took us to the nearby restaurant wherein we would have our buffet lunch. The lunch was already an inclusion to the package deal we had with Vacation Deal. It was all free except from the “tamilok meal”. With P 100.00, you’ll have one serving for this slimy and tasty woodworm.

Fun fast facts about this specie according to our guide:

First, tamilok is not a kind of worm, instead, it can be classified as saltwater clam specie. True enough because when it’s eaten with vinegar, it tastes like raw oysters or clams. Second, it’s considered as aphrodisiac, therefore it’s best recommended to honeymooners to enhance their “sexual appetite”. 🙂 Lastly, tamilok’s translation in English is shipworm or woodworm. It’s named after where these species can be harvested- from the woods or logs floating or staying in the water for a long time. 😀

At last, we ended up our tour with a burp. But the day wasn’t over yet. 🙂

Heading back to the van, we traveled almost an hour to reach the Karst Mountain and Elephant Cave. The place gained its popularity after being chosen as the venue for the show “The Amazing Race Philippines”.


The panoramic view of the mountain.


The elephant-like rock formation of the Elephant Cave.

After that, we went to the famous Ugong Rock Adventures for its 2-in-1 adventure: spelunking and riding a zip line.

IMG_0565 I felt the urge to pose along with my family. Even I decided myself not to go for spelunking and riding a zip line, I felt contented by listening to their orientation held a their reception area.

IMG_0566There, I found out that the management for this tourist attraction was given to the people in Brgy. Tagabinet under CBSTP or Community-based Sustainable Tourism Project. This project was then supported by the Puerto Princesa local government, the Department of Tourism, the Bantay Kalikasan Foundation, and ABS-CBN. Through this project, the people especially those who are farmers are trained to become guides. In return, they can generate their income and earn through sustainable, Eco-friendly utilization of natural resources.

Since the place is filled with karst mountains, I also looked for some potential site for rock climbing. Alas, I’ve found one or two.

The locals said that rock climbing was among the tourist attraction before but then for some reason, it wasn’t continued.

it took us to wait few more minutes since the family we were with decided to take the adventures. The rain started to pour so badly yet they weren’t still there. By then, our guide decided to pick them up at the landing area. There were actually two landing areas, one for the Superman position and the other for the sitting position.

Just in time when we reached the jump off area that we found the whole family waiting for us. We headed back to the city proper afterwards, enjoying the zigzag road and roller coaster ride in between.

From there, it took us almost an hour to get back to the city proper and stopped by at their Pasalubong Center. This time, it’s in Robinsons Place Palawan, the second largest mall operators in the Philippines. Without our knowledge, Vacation Deal prepared us with little token with our imprinted name at the other side and “I ❤  PALAWAN on the opposite side. Mr. Zandro generously gave us one souvenir card card each. Such a sweet gesture. ❤

Inside the mall were some low price souvenirs such as shirts, tarong, indigenous products and even pure pearl accessories.

I remembered one time when a saleslady showed us to what could be the most expensive heart-shaped among other pearls. . It’s price? Well, just look in it over the internet as my memory faded away. 😛

I saw big and strange dream catcher- the biggest so far. It was among different products and souvenirs.


I hope with this dream catcher will the good dreams to continuously flow and the bad dreams to be trapped inside on the web. I certainly hope so. ❤


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