#MTDov Series: Stories Beyond El Nido Reef Strand Resort


Woah. Here goes my 13th post for the #MTDoV Series in which, just in case you didn’t know or sort of being forgotten, means My Thirty Day On Vacation. I guess I have made enough entries (a total of seven) for the Puerto Princesa alone and now I feel the urge to post another venue. Still a part of our Palawan escapade and I’ll better start it off with where did we stay and the experiences we’d been through just to be there. 😀

While the whole country was celebrating the Philippine Independence Day 2015, well at that very moment, we were already on the road for El Nido, Palawan. While on the road, I found myself enjoying the roller coaster kind of ride while enjoying every beautiful scenery such as mountains, islands, beaches and mangrove trees that grew along the river as seen from the wind shield. Then again, upon seeing those mountains, I felt the excitement on dreaming that someday, I might gonna hop on one of those peaks. Someday. That made the travel worth it.

As the afternoon was fast approaching, we dropped of at the Bacuit Grill Restaurant. At that time, I never knew that El Nido was once called as “Bacuit” until we reached our destination. El Nido or The Nest was said to have the name changed for three times, with El Nido as the third name for the place. The restaurant was simple and served inato dishes too.

IMG_0605Everything seemed to be fine until my father noticed a screw that punctured the tire of the van we were riding on. Lucky enough it didn’t affect the tire too much so we were still able to reach the town and looked for vulcanizing shop. So much for our dismay, finding a shop didn’t helped at all as the staff refused to change the tire. 😦 My father was really upset by then. Of course, he knew exactly how would it felt like to be in that kind of situation because he was once a driver before.

We had no choice but to continue our journey. The agony, on the other hand, kept on hunting us. Along the way, we were caught by heavy rain while everything outside the van seemed to be so dark. Few minutes later, another driver (assumed to be a colleague by our driver himself) happened to pass by and he lent his jack. We continued until we reached the town of Tanay and had the tire fixed and changed. From there, the whole ride was as smooth and as sound until our dropped off at El Nido.

Our agent, on the other hand, was in full contact with us all throughout those crazy experiences. She felt sorry for what happened and assured us to be well-taken care off in El Nido. True enough, after minutes of waiting, we were picked up by Sir Richie and his staff riding their single motor and tricycle respectively.

Even until now, I could still remember the thrill while riding on the trike (tricycle). The road was so narrow that only those trikes intended for Brgy. Masagana and other neighboring sitios could pass by. According to the driver, the road there was measured so that no other trikes could go inside. It was pretty clever idea, I must say.

After almost ten minutes ride, we were more than excited to see the place where we could stay for the next few days. And it was El Nido Reef Strand Resort in Sitio Calian, Brgy. Masagano, El Nido, Palawan.

The pictures taken from the outside. (Some pictures below were grabbed or taken from the FB page of El Nido Reef Strand Resort. Click here for more pictures.) 🙂

They had modern facilities both living room and bedroom area. (Note: Photo Source below: El Nido Reef Strand Resort)

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Alas, the front view was overly breathtaking!


The sunbathing bed facing directly to Cadlao Island.

But what made it more special was the Cadlao Island itself. The biggest island among 45 islands and islets in El Nido was facing the El Nido Reef Strand Resort. It was right in front of us from the moment the sun set until it would rise again the next morning. Though I wasn’t able to witness it first hand the next morning (blah, I was sooo tired and the room was sooo cold) but my gracious sister Queyl took photos of it. Heheh Thank you Sis. ❤

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We ended up our first day in El Nido by strolling along the low tide beach.

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And eventually found something strange.

And this was how we ended up our first day in El Nido. of course, we had to grab our meal at Antonio’s Grill just few walk away from the resort.

Until next then. 😀


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