#MTDoV Series: El Nido’s Finest Island Tours

The following day, June 13th was scheduled for our Island Hopping Tour.  Just imagine the excitement we felt within knowing that these beaches and coves were among the best and finest in the world. Indeed, there’s so much more to see in this small town of El Nido.

We woke up early in the morning and ate our breakfast at the resort. It’s more of an American-kind breakfast with toasted bread, egg, ham and a sweet mango fruit. We just had to prepare the coffee or teas by ourselves. A couple coming from Mindanao also was there to join us with the breakfast. Meanwhile, Ate Bella and her husband, Kuya Richie were there to entertain us. Of course, talking to someone who had shared the same things especially the language (yeep we both came from Mindanao 🙂 ) made us even more comfortable. It really helped that we didn’t have to make our language a big deal. The food, however, was served by their teenage daughter. The couple had two daughters around the house.

We were then picked up and brought to Mr. Lim’s store within El Nido proper for the Islang Hoping Tour A.


Accordingly, this tour was inclusive to the package deal but we had to pay another P 800.00 for four snorkeling gears. It featured several coves, lagoons and beaches perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. After that, we opted to take few more photos while waiting for the boatman to secure permits. Undeniably, they were disciplined merchants and always followed rules and regulations. 🙂

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Before we set, we had to grab the opportunity for a group picture. 🙂


Until the boat sailed. I couldn’t get myself from taking several gigantic islands such as the Cadlao Island, Helicopter Island and among any other.

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Our first stop was the Big Lagoon.


Of course, the visit was followed by numerous pose. 😀 My mother decided to stay and looked out for our garments as she herself was a non-swimmer like me. Hehehe

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We stayed there for picture taking before going to the Secret Lagoon. The amazing skyscraper cliff stone mountains were undoubtedly a must-watch scenery.

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Then here we come. Secret Lagoon!

The beach just outside the said lagoon.

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Inside the lagoon. 😀

As other website would have it, the Secret Lagoon is located in a small island surrounded by limestone karst cliffs. One must enter a small hole (just like the picture below) and prepare yourself for a massive caldera that was once a cave which collapsed and now is surrounded by karst cliffs. According to the scientists, the same thing had happen to the big lagoon.


We spent nearly one hour in that area before going to Shimizu Island for lunch. The three of us decided to snorkel while my mother stayed in the shore.


Time was up and we were ready for Shimizu Island. Again, the view of the kart mountains always left me in awe.

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The Shimizu was equally amazing island. According to the local, Japanese used the island as hideouts during World War II and so it was named after a Japanese.

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But what we really did there was to have our lunch. They prepared us sumptuous meals with lots of seafood. 😛 Yummy. 😀 😀

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After that, my sister pulled off her ‘kayaking” skill. hahah


Before we parted ways with this pristine beach, I needed to look back to those amazing cliff stones again. 🙂

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Then the came the Small Lagoon. The best way to enjoy this area was to rent a kayak. Hahah Luckily, since it was not a peak season so there rentals only cost P 300.00. I was brought along to do my job which had nothing to do with kayaking I was documenting the whole time. Hahaha

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Before we even got lucky into kayaking, we were first submerged down the sea during our transfer to the kayak. As usual, mama just stayed in the boat because she had some difficulty on balancing in the water. Life vest was no help.

Then we had some problem while transferring from the boat to the kayak. It was me who first hopped in then followed by my sister. When it was time for my father to hop on, we were out of balance and so our kayak went upside down. Haha Funny though. 😀 😀 😀

They managed to get through the second hole since we realized that we were trapped when we enter through the first hole. There, we saw a lagoon with lots of tourists kayaking and snorkeling around. I didn’t do snorkel, instead, I tried to do kayak. Guess what? I was learning pretty fast with my father’s guidance. Hahahaha


We explored a lil bit and saw beautiful rock formations inside the lagoon. My sister said here were lots of small fishes swimming in the brackish waters. There was a part where water had estimated to e 30-meter deep.

We went back to the boat after one hour to proceed with the tour’s last destination The 7 Commando.


At first, everybody was really asking on how the beach got its name but to no avail, we had not received any satisfactory explanation. However, I found out through this website that Seven Commandos was named after the 7 remaining Japanese commandos who lived in the island as stranglers. It was already part of the mainland in Palawan and had a long white sandy beach lined with palms trees.

The perfect way to unwind and enjoyed the beauty of this beach was to buy some buko juice and halo-halo.

We spent a little time swimming before heading back to the boat en route to El Nido. What else could I say? We ended our day with another mouth-watering dinner at El Nido’s only reggae restaurant.


Weeh, papa on his way back to the shore.

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Then a nice sunset family picture taken by a German tourist. What a wonderful day had ended. ❤ ❤ ❤


Until next time. ❤ ❤ Keep posted.


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