#MTDoV Series: Special Island Hopping and Last Days in Palawan

This could be my 14th and last post for my series. Woah!!

The seventh-day itinerary (June 10-17) prepared to us by our travel agent left us with at least two vacant days while staying at El Nido. After our island tour the previous day, we were lucky to have two options on how to kill the time for the following day. It’s either we go for an inland tour or go for another island hopping. Find out what activities we had chosen for ourselves. 🙂

With the aforementioned activities, we had to consider the welfare of the elderly. We had to weigh up the options and at the end, elders must be followed. Hahah

On our way to Special island tour, we were accompanied by Ate Led and Kuya King, the couple with us since the previous day. We also had Kuya Richie as our guide along with his three boat crews.

Official group picture with the crew

Official group picture with the crew

Since we were going to visit the islands in Tour B, we headed directly to the forgotten area for a quick snorkeling session. . Hehe Yep, the name of the island just simply slipped through my mind and was easily enchanted by its beauty. You must have an underwater camera ready for this place. There were lots of beautiful and well-preseved marine ife that you might want to capture.



And small seafood bites.

They managed to make pulutan in between rides

They managed to make pulutan in between rides

Then went to the Snake Island for the lunch. While they all prepared for the meal, we made no waste of time walking barefoot on the sandbar from one island to another.


There was a visible path that connected the two islands. It was more visible during low tide season. So what we did was to cross it, going down to the mangrove island.

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The beach was also surrounded with lots of mangroves from one side up to another.

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I made an attempt to have a jump shot but to no avail Hahah So after several photo session, we went back to the other island and climbed up the nearby small hill to reach the deck-view. This allowed us to have a glimpse on the seascape and the wonderful beaches around Snake Island and the snake-shaped sandbar pit.

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Perfect Fam Bam. Hahah

Those were my favorite places in El Nido. We decided to descend the moment we’d seen the dark clouds from afar. Just in time, we were caught in the rain, but this allowed us to have our lunch in the boat instead of having it in he island. Perfect for a floating-restaurant experience. Hahaha

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Right after that moment, we headed back to the sea water. Luckily, the rain had stopped so we both had an amazing wave experience. We went to the Cadugnon Point and Cave for sight-seeing and spelunking. Hahaha

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We still couldn’t get enough because the stories associated with the cave. It was said to be a hideout place for the soldiers during the war. There was also an allegation that some people tried (and did) succeed to recover some gold inside the cave.

Then came the next destination- The Cathderal Cave in Pinasil Island. It was named after such because of its Cathedral-like rock formation. Some of the tourists tried to do snorkeling but diving was the best way to enjoy it. However, there were rumors that the cave was a home for large grouper fish. Maybe it’s the locals way to scare off people. Some even tried to catch the fish but to no avail. Nevertheless, we never wanted to take a dip because of the numbers of big jellyfish swimming around.


We just decided to take a picture with the cave as our background.

We were really terrified when we had seen hundreds of jellyfish floating around the moment we had left the island. Though I had never experienced being pierced or touched by jellyfish, still their experiences terrified me already.

We went to the Sand Bar to which I preferred as LuLi- Lulubog, Lilitaw. Hahah It would mean that the sand bar was accessible during low tide but vanished during high tide.

All we do was to do the jump shots. So perf. Heheh Luckily, we had one of the crews to tag along with us and was more than willing to be our photographer. 🙂

IMG_1128 IMG_1132 IMG_1133 Unfortunately, my mother did not join the jump shots so she just merely became an observant. Hahaha

We also did some wacky pose. 😀 😀

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Then finally, our last destination was the Pinagbuyutan Island. Perhaps, this island got its name from “pinagbunutan” or the process of taking off the coconut husk. There was one vendor there selling her coconut juice for P50.00 each. heheh

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I never missed the opportunity to capture the serenity and beauty of this place.

And of course, our goofing around with my sister Queyl. 😀 😀 😀

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Aside from the beach, it was also best to do snorkeling because of its abundant marine life. It was also the time when we scrapped our knees, in my case, my left foot due to low tide. We were so close with the corals so swimming around was hard enough. Hahahe However everything was all worth it.

That’s how we ended our day and the whole trip as well.

By the next day (June 15) we spent the whole time roaming around El Nido to look for Western Union. Hahah I guess it was pretty obvious that were broke after days of enjoyment. Hahah Luckily, some people were more than willing to help.

Then on the 16th day of June was our schedule to go back to Puerto Princesa with the couple Ate Led and Kuya King. We stayed at Acacia Tree Garden Hotel for one night, visited the Baragatan for the last time. By June 17, we were all aboard to Iloilo Airport to catch up with our 7pm ship board going to Cebu via Cockialong Shipping Lines. The couple was also bound for Manila.

By June 18th in the morning, we were already in Cebu wherein We were met up Tita Joy. We stayed in their house for almost 10 hours. We spent the whole day talking with Papa’s long lost half-brothers. They had not seen each other for more han a decade so the meet up was really precious.

Around 8pm, we were bound to Cagayan via 2Go Shipping Lines. Everyone, from sisters to in-laws and even the children were there to dropped us to the pier. Everything was really perfect. Everything.

Thank you for sharing with me these wonderful memories in my life. ❤ ❤

Special shout out for m sister Joy and brother-in-law Kuya Himan for supporting us all throughout. ❤ We loved you all.


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