27 Dresses

photo source: google.com

photo source: google.com

Far from being usual, I never tried to read the summary of this story. I just happened to remember it one day and downloaded it right after. Turned out, the story was really great!
It was about being a nice girl that no one would ever thought that you she’s capable of hurting someone. Not even her sister. After all, all she ever did was to please her friends, preparing all their weddings from small to bigger details, dressing up 27 times and be their perfect bridesmaid. She’s Jesus and she didn’t want to be taken care off. It didn’t even matter to her if she’s happy or not. According to her, it’s her friend’s day, not her. Moreover, she also quoted that marriage ceremonies were the best time to forget about being single. Unfortunately for the guy Kevin whom she was talking to, didn’t seem too convinced.
Then here came one of her agonies. Being nice as she was, I guessed it’s a perfect reason for falling in love for a nice guy too. He’s her boss, it was a secret affair though everybody in their office knew about it, except for George (the boss) of course. Eventually, since the guy never only looked at her as someone special and only treated her as a second-hand assistant (all thanks to her super nice character she could be even nominated as a living angel), she eventually found herself in a rival against her own sister. Now, that’s the typical love-triangle affair. This nice guy (George), who never had any idea about Jane’s (the protagonist) feelings towards him, fell for Tess, Jane’s sister and an overly pretentious, bitchy lady and much more opposite to her sister’s character. They decided to get married with Jane preparing every details all for the love (might it be for George and for Tess). Terrible situation, right?
Then I personally realized that everything had its limits even for the angel-like character of Jane. Or that might be all due to Kevin, the writer whom at first took advantage of her just to get a story of businessmen ripping off the marriage couples and turned wedding ceremonies to multi-million dollar industry. He didn’t even like commitments and Jane found out that it was because of his failed relationship. That’s who he was before realizing that Jane was different (and maybe liking her) but too late to save her face after his editor run the story he did for Jane. He always warned Jane about having her own life and that she deserved more than what she had settled for. They fought a lot and she didn’t seem to listen. By the time she realized he was right, he eventually got what he wanted (the job) and needed (now, that’s Jane).
I also liked how the story turned out to be so exciting. The confrontations were so intense. The sisters fought over their mother’s dress in which paved a way for Jane to reveal her sister’s true identity. I guessed that’s a reaction or protective instinct for someone who never wanted her own sister to hurt the man she loved. George called off his wedding with Tess right after Jane showed him and the whole entourage about who really her sister was. Even after that, they confronted each other and the result proved a sister’s love with the younger one’s willingness to grow up instead of pretending to be her sister, not even wanting her big sissy’s help anymore. At that point, however, the kid sister never had any clue that big sister was in fact in love with her ex-fiance. But Kevin knew it all along. Hahah The confrontations also made a way for her friend Casey who once slapped her for repressing her feelings for George into making her realized that she couldn’t correct a mistake (Tess lied about her true identity and wanting George to know about it) by another mistake (showing all her sister’s deeds in front of all people instead of telling George face-to face). She was all right but the realization was fully realized when Kevin showed up and told her things she might even needed.
I guessed all of these, no matter how it twisted from side to side, ended with a happy ending- a happy marriage. A wedding ceremony that made a way for Casey to be interested with Kevin’s colleague, Tess telling her “true side” to George and for Jane’s 27 dresses to be displayed. Woah. Those were so amazing dresses. Though Kevin wasn’t able to prove his theories and stories (the multi-million dollar wedding industry scam), but through that, he was able to meet Jane and helped her realized what could be her biggest realization in life. And Jane on the other hand, after she confessed her feelings for George and got a kissed from him, realized that there was no spark all. After all, all she was looking was the spark she felt when they made up with Kevin. Hah! Now, you’re surprised? Got to get yourself watch that 2008 romance-comedy movie and I guaranteed 9.5/10 for that one. 🙂


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