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I’ve been a movie sucker these days. That’s to make use every of movies I had downloaded when I was at home. Back then, I thought Chappie was a typical robotic kind of movie. But I guess I was wrong. So wrong!
I’ve seen familiar faces (hey Mr. Wolverine and that man behind “Life of Pi”) and their roles were equally mind blowing. I kinda like the story for its reasonable plot twists. The jealousy started when this young man Deon had a bright future ahead of him all because of his police robot creations. This old man (Vincent), however, was trying to compete with him with his big, ugly and expensive piece of armor. Basically, you could see the rivalry in there. He would definitely through ends just to stop Deon and destroyed all his creations. He almost made it. Almost.
Now, when Chappie was about to be destroyed, Deon his creator saved him for an experiment for his newly found program. Perhaps it was about putting consciousness to one of his creations. That helped a lot especially in times when Deon was abducted and so was Chappie. They were in the hands of the gangsters who owed $ 20 million for their previous engagements. They thought they could use Chappie and Deon to make ends meet. The situation, however, wasn’t so cruel since the girl in the gangster stood to be a mother to little Chappie. She didn’t even want him to be involved to any of her partner’s business but couldn’t stop him from doing so. All the while, Chappie’s consciousness had become dominant that he could no longer do bad things as instructed by his creator. One time, he was strapped out of the blue by believing it was only through fighting and making money that he could gain another body and be alive. The gangsters also trained him in violence through subtle ways. They developed strong relationship with each other that could help them fight the jealous man up to the end. Luckily, this man learned his lessons and paid all the consequences. For the Mommy who died during the encounter, found her way back to life through the back-up memories she had when Chappie made an experiment towards her. The daddy wasn’t so sad after all. For both creator and Chappie, he also found their new bodies to live with after the former successfully transferred all their consciousness to different scouts. Really, really exciting and won’t let you get bored. Meanwhile, due to Chappie’s ruined reputation (ohh Thanks Mr antagonist for bringing down his companions and making him looked like the real antagonist), there was a massive activation of the 15,000 reserved human forces. That’s quite a big opportunity, wasn’t it?
The story was really great. It had a wider scope of human dealings, adversities and human elements. These made the story extra incredible. I bet you should see it or yourself because it was kinda hard to retell stories. Best experiences must come first hand. I gave this movie 9.5 of 10.


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