Professional in the Making

This post may turn out to be a series but for now, all I want to share is my fair share experiences of my several job applications.
I was often asked if I did have any working experience. Well, for someone who was once a working student, such question wouldn’t be a surprise. Of course I had. I was a Student training Assistant for Human Resource assigned in training and benefits section in our school long before I was transferred to a less-pressured area in computer laboratory. The four hours duty and lesser tasks inside the laboratory (e.g preparing my co-STA’s schedule, assisting the professors in their computer laboratory class) were quite a big help especially during my thesis time. But I didn’t quit until the official start of my internship. That fact basically made me a university scholar! It was a scholarship under Student Training Assistant Program that would allow me to experience real life working scenarios and met incredible people ranging from students, employees up to big time speakers and university’s officials.
Again, I was in a lesser pressure environment as STA. I eventually missed the crazy hectic class schedules that would often bump off against my working schedule. Before I was transferred, I had eight long hours duty in the morning and usually got at least four evening subjects in one term (we had two terms in one sem which meant I got more or less eight evening subjects for the whole semester). Sometimes, I had trouble enrolling my major subjects which were schedule in between 8 am to 5 pm but then get through with it by (or by not asking) asking permission from my supervisor. Let’s say I was a ninja before. Hahaha
As if four working hours wasn’t really enough that I applied myself for a grade school tutor. Now this sounds interesting because I made that decision out of the fact that I once dreamed of becoming a tutor and being regarded with some tutor-associated characters. That job stayed with me for six long months, more than two months right after I quitted as STA and started my internship. Luckily, we only had to render two hours for educational setting so I could still allocate time for tutorial.
After six long months, I needed more time to be able to cover up my 500-hour quota. Thus, I decided to quit tutorial and spent the whole three months and a half starting from mid-January to April in internship alone. I never had idle days either because we were on the rush. I was glad I finally made it almost two days before the graduation.
Why I was saying this all of a sudden?
Practically, I am no longer a student and the fact that I ain’t gonna be expecting something every month freaks me out. I need to get a job but it seems that the jobs coming all the way are leading me far from the kind of job I ever wanted. I believe that much more than the monetary compensation, I guess I need to consider the environment because I don’t want to quit too early. I ain’t a quitter. I want to start something that is right so that I can have all the reason to stay longer. From that, I can build up my dreams, help my family and be independent.
I may have failed, which basically what happened to me few days earlier but I’m more than willing to face the consequences than to be in regret. Now, I’m on the look-out again. With the aforementioned experiences, I hope and pray that a blessing will finally be seen in the following days.


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