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Oh, my childhood princess had never been so alive with this one. Basically, it was a dream come true to be seeing Cinderella in a non-animated movie.
Though I know it’s really intended for kids and teens to be more likely to see the ideal side of the world and meet your prince, but a lady like me learned few things. It was possible to be kind and be courageous. The movie had all the audience see things as a fantasy land, with a fairy grandmother and a prince waiting for us at the end of our sacrifices. But these sacrifices could be a form of different adversities in life, not just being an orphaned girl who endured her ruthless stepmother and stepsisters. These kinds of people, however might be the one whom we encountered in our lives. Whoever those people were, spared them with your kindness so as to ease the cruelty they had felt within. We couldn’t be too quick to judge, however, because these kind of people needed much more kindness more than anyone else. Cate Blanchet somehow made me hate her for more than an hour and praised her for the job well done. Hahaha The fairy godmother might turned out to be our blessings from up above. Perhaps the opportunities to get a job, a chance to study and among any other good things that might happen to your life along the way. And the Prince to widen your horizon and made you believe in love again. Though not necessarily a handsome, prince-like character, but maybe someone who could accept you as you are. Am I saying these for myself?
Above all, it was still the princess I had admired for so long. It was and it has always been possible to be kind for those people who hurt you and be courageous enough to face life’s difficulties. By doing these, justice would come in your way no matter how hard it was to be taken away from you. I gave it 9/10 because I was truly blown away.
PS: the gown looked so gorge and the shoes, the kind of shoes every girl would be dying for. Haaaaa! And the music entitled “Strong” made me wanna hear it over and over again.


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