A Birthday Letter

Today, someone across the globe is celebrating her birthday. That someone is no less than a sister of mine. I wish her nothing but the best of life! She deserves it more than anyone else!

At this point, I am often ask about what success is. Mostly, it is defined by your social economic status, how many degrees and trophies you have earned and among any other external qualifications. Her success, however, is far different from the norms. She did try to earn a degree but things changed. She found herself in an unlikely place and went hand in hand with father in providing our needs. Together, they helped each other until my sister graduated in college. That’s more likely her first success!

Year after year, she’s able to continue being a bread winner especially when father stopped working. She continued to extend her help to anyone who needs it. Her recent success happened last April, 2015 when I finally made it and graduated in college. Those things make her a successful person on her age.

Today is more than just a celebration of her natal day. It’s also a celebration of being successful despite of not acquiring all worldly things. Though, she does have some. 🙂

Having her as a sister has some perks, too. It is sometimes hard to make other people understand how much a person means to you. They say I might be a bit biased because of her big contribution and that, saying bad things against her is impossible. But little did they know we too have some misunderstandings and I’m not always in favor of her view. But I just respect her that much and that itself puts everything back together. She doesn’t acquire or inherit that respect. She earns it from me and and all the people who know her better.

So now, I guess it’s time to look after for yourself. You don’t have to worry that much as I’m facing the world with the courage and lessons you have bestowed upon make for the past 21 years. As for our folks, well I’m glad to say that I can have my little contribution for them the soonest possible. Know in your heart that we will always be there for you the same way that you are always there for us. Furthermore, bad things might come along the way as they always do but always fight them with your big heart and I’m pretty sure you’ll win at the end.

Happy Birthday Ate Joy! ❤


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