An Unlikely Place

Wosh, I’m totally back after few weeks of being idle. Hahaha Oooops! I have my perfect excuse for this one so my pardon!

Alright, my journey to BPO companies has been quite ironical and is unintentional. I feel like it’s an odd place for someone like me who just recently earned a Psychology degree.  It’s way too far, you know? I thought joining a BPO will turn out to be a last-resort kind of job. I was too confident that I could be easily hired by the companies to which I applied as a Human Resource staff because of those experiences I had before. Again, applying for a Human Resource-related position had ever been in my plan when I was still in college.

But after graduation, I realized that it’s more likely the place where I could end up to since I never had any intention to take a licensure exam for Psychometrics and to apply as guidance Counselor either. I thought my HR-related experience will give me an edge but maybe things turn out to be different from what was originally planned. I slowly accepted the norm and told myself that not every psychology-degree holder will end up to psychology-related job. Or I guess, it’s never meant for me at this moment.

I was supposed to be offered by the job that I really wanted but then I refused. It’s too hilarious but then, there were some reasons that needed to be considered. Hahah You may call it as being “choosy”, “practical” or just simply implying coping mechanism but wala akong pakialam (using Pabebe Girls tone). Hahaha What I know now is that how you start won’t entirely determine your end. For as long as you have your goals in your mind and you’re more than willing to do every good means to reach them, then that’s what matters most.

I finally embraced the job that’s supposed to be my last resort. When you embrace something especially if it’s a job, you have to slowly accept the people, the working environment and the culture as well. I’ve never been in a working environment that’s as much as diverse as this one. I now work with people coming from different walks in life. We have our dad in the class, BPO virgins (of course, it’s where I belong 😀 ) as well as the BPO legends, the singles (parents), married ones, students and graduates with not-so-BPO-related degrees. Even the gender becomes no exception. These things make our class or batch one of my most diverse environments and allow me to continually use my course.

As for the working condition, it’s been fair for everyone. The compensation looks good and seems like a very good way to start up or plan for your future goals or career. It’s quite challenging for me for the first few weeks since I was scheduled on graveyard shifts. Considering I have few other commitments, I’m making sure to use my time wisely so that nothing will be left unattended. And it works! Now, I’m back on morning shift again so goodbye to ND (night differential). Hahah

One last thing, due to the nature of my job, one has to understand the importance of confidentiality.  Breaking this rule became one of the reasons why the company encountered an unforgettable mishap in the past. That’s why we are always reminded of the lesson and should learn from it all at the same time.


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