On how I became ready to face the real world has something to do with my more than two years of experience as a working student. It was indeed one of the toughest phases on my life. But with it- a bold, confident and determined young woman came out.

That is why the last couple of weeks had been so great. Hahaha

Time ran so fast I didn’t even notice that it had been almost a year since I left as Student Training Assistant. To be in with my former colleagues would mean bringing back the memories I had with them.

The biggest challenge there was on balancing school and work. In work, there’s an ever changing environment, unending transition and the demands they had to face every single day. In school, there’s the growing determination and challenge to maintain their grades in order to keep the scholarship. And mind you, it was never easy-peasy. There were times when you knocked yourself down and exhausted yourself to death but you’ll realize, every bit of hardships is much needed especially when you leave school. Remember, it always takes time to learn.

It would be easy for me to understand and empathize as I was once one of them. Those were such inspiring moments for me and I grew up from it. I would always be proud to be one of them – a working student.

It has always been delightful to know their whereabouts and the changes that happened since I left. I am glad to hear that some of them are either graduating or doing their internships while others are continually studying. The ambiance, however, was still the same. We bullied each other, sang out loud as if there’s no tomorrow. But at the end of it, we still showed respect for one another and treated each other the same way.

And heeps. I saw new faces. Hmmm welcome to the clan my dears. My salute and respect to all the working students out there. Keep going.


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