Alumnae Duty

There will be people who are worthy of your time.

All throughout my entire college days, I’ve seen this council through ups and downs. It was in its peak when I joined. The support was really overwhelming but the critics had been so crucial. At least it was for my growth as a leader. I’d always want to be their provider, but eventually, I learned that for an organization to survive, it would always take not just one person but as a team.

Then suddenly, it went down. So down that the only place I could end up with was the San Pedro Cathedral. That was the most heartbreaking part. The rest of the years was then full with exhaustion and being irresponsible. I thought I never had supported them just like the way how I supported them now. It was a guilt that pushed me to give back once and for all.

These youngsters always remind me that being a true volunteer must be selfless, patient and always willing to give back without asking anything in return. That’s the spirit of being an University of Mindanao-College Red Cross Youth Council.


The whole time I’d spent with them was really priceless. It enabled me to look back and be thankful into how much I had grown up because of this council. The picture above was so cool I had to become an alumni for our moderator to be there. HahahaIMG_2662

This was the 2015 Inter-School First Aid Competition. I’d been here for a couple of times but the thrill would always be the same. Hahaha

While this was during the competition.

And the ending was priceless. No trophies or recognition could ever take this moment away. 🙂 It lasts for a lifetime.

IMG_2788 IMG_2816 IMG_2819


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