First Minor Climb

IMG_1788This could be the second official event I had joined since I became one of their aspirants. I was so damn serious about mountaineering, couldn’t be more anxious to become one of them (MAYBE after a year) and gained some advantages (perhaps the feeling of being “healthy and fit”) along the way. Hahaha

We did this over a month ago (August 1-2, 2015) but I wasn’t able to make a post right away because of time constraint (or maybe it’s just the lazy bug that kept on pulling me). Hahaha But hey, I’m on it now.


To start up, I was informed that the venue for the first minor climb was supposed to be in Carmen. Unfortunately, the tension between people living there made it impossible, thus it was changed to Kwagsik, Marilog District.

I was already familiar with the place. That made me felt like, “Okay, maybe there’s something more to explore or we might be able to visit the White Cave”.


But there’s always a first time in everything.

We followed the unusual route going to the campsite, got lost several times but then at the end, we were taught how to deal with such incidents. While walking down the path, I had my co-aspirants who were the “Walking Future Biologists”.


Before lunch, we were able to reach the campsite and had our tents fixed.


After the lunch, the adventure was on. We did spelunking. First stop was the Cathedral Cave.


Then the Underground Cave came next. One good thing that happened was that during our spelunking, the water level was so high we got so frozen and scared inside. Haha All for the name of being adventurous. 😀


But it never ended up that way. We were asked to make a bridge for the future mountaineers to use.

Amidst the activities that were given, we were blessed to visit the falls again. Hahah So good and so sweet for the second time.


IMG_1915 IMG_1897

But the best part were the struggles and the Bayanihan in between. 🙂 🙂



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