Hey, it’s November day!

Well, I’m pretty much missing every piece of this blog. I don’t do posting as I’m a bedhead in the morning and other days seem to be just being a lazy bug. Hahaha

Enough. I’m getting excited to let you see my Halloween costume and whatnot. Hahah Definitely my first time to wear one. You be the judge. 😀 😀

12191491_691755190961905_2474215526995413134_n12196113_10207551240406508_8908128828123535956_nThough it was my first time to wear anything creepy, I totally enjoyed the whole process. I was able to maximize and used my asset which was my hair, had to do messy make up without having to worry about the outcome since we were all gonna scare kids anyway. It was totally effortless and all for fun.

Hahah See you in your nightmares. 😀 😀

But then, let us not forget the true essence of this event. Beyond this creepiness were the memories of our loved one who passed away. As for me, my mother never failed to remind me to have a blessing for the soul to which I accomplished today. I also lighted some candles in a big cross inside a public cemetery and offered a simple prayer for them.

May we all be blessed for All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Thanks Riz for the picture and Mommy Benj. ❤


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