Into Southern Part of Cotabato: Ta-al Falls

IMG_3294It was a granted wish and a well-spent rest day.

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my seniors (haha at last) in mountaineering group during SAMEC’s 29th Inland Congress. Thanks to them, I was able to satisfy my cravings for new places and meet new people all at the same time. Though I had been into Southern part of Cotabato, but  it was never in Tampakan to which the congress would be held.

The date was very timely (YEY! It was our rest day) and convenient (YEY! It was a payday). So just imagine my excitement! 😀 😀 In fact, despite of being a ‘lil bit tipsy on a day before, I was still able to have my things packed on the night and stay awake until until dawn.

On August 24, I was already in the Ecoland Terminal as early as 3:00 am, get on the bus around 5:00 am and had some adrenaline rush going especially when one of my colleagues almost skipped the bus. Despite of that, I was happy I’d never fell asleep during the ride. In return, I wad able to enjoy the views until we reached General Santos at around 9:00 am.

Maybe it was just the excitement that kept me going, though. After having our early lunch in General Santos, we were picked up by a truck and traveled all the way to Tampakan, South Cotabato. The duration almost reached two hours I think. Hahah Couldn’t remember it anymore because of one helluvah ride. 😀 I could still remember being bumped too many times, got my head to almost hit the trees, experienced the dusts but those didn’t matter. Haha Still, it was an enjoyable ride because of the panoramic view of the place, the peak of Mt. Matutum, the rice fields and all. So refreshing. ❤ ❤ ❤

Then here’s the place. It’s the Shell Rock Resort.


We had our lunch after the tiring trip. We rest for awhile,did the registration, meet and greet and BOOM! There came my favorite part, the falls hunting. 😀 😀 😀

Along the way, mountains never failed to amaze me. We went through banana plantation and get another roller coaster ride.

After almost 30 minutes trek and several river trekking, we were able to reach the Ta-al Falls at last.


It was just right for a non-swimmer like me. The water was just below the waist so I  had nothing to worry about. 😀 Plus, the water temperature was so cold  I’d love to come back to the waterfalls everytime. It’s like quenching one’s thirst.

Then a groupie. 🙂


The time was though so short but the experience would last a lifetime.

After few more hours, we decided to get back on the truck.

See you again Brgy. Tablu!


The rest of the day was already spent with socialization. There was a program at night, a live band with lots of reggae songs. I’m almost into to now. Hahah Though my energy was quite draining but then,my body clock wouldn’t allow me to sleep the entire night. Perhaps, it was the perfect time to get to know the different members, their stories.

On August 25 at around 1:00 pm, the energy was already gone. Thus, the time spent going back to Davao was all done for sleeping.


3 thoughts on “Into Southern Part of Cotabato: Ta-al Falls

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  2. Thank you for sharing about this wonderful site. Who would have guessed, this gem is located just an hour drive from our place in South Cotabato but I was not fortunate to hear about this falls. This will be on my radar, and I can’t wait to travel to this falls when I get back to South Cotabato.

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