Sidebits and Trips in Kapatagan, Digos City

IMG_3509Few weeks had passed when our team decided for a team building activity.

Needless to say, it was one of the most exhausted activity ever. I was just lucky to be physically active these days and that probably helped me maintain my stamina and survived the whole time.

The funniest thing was, even as a mountaineer myself, I was not even prepared with the events. We had no idea what places to visit and everything went out of plan. So right after our graveyard shift, we jumped into the van, drove the next two hours going to Digos City and had our lunch.

An hour later, we were picked up by another van to have another helluvah ride going to the main Kapatagan. It was a bit ironic because Barangay Kapatagan (should be translated as “plain” in English) was actually located in the highlands of Mindanao. In fact, it’s one of the trail when going to Mt. Apo.

Moving on, we first visited Mt. Apo Highlands- Lake Mirror Resort to which we were going to spend our first night.

And it went this way. You shouldn’t expect a little too high. 😀

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Next stop was the Kublai Art Garden.

It was the view from Mt. Apo itself that fascinated me most. It was really perfect. 🙂

Then the garden came in. Kublai was such a genius. I couldn’t stop myself but to run from time to time just to get the pictures around. My colleague, however, opted to stay at the other mini mountain.

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Third stop was the most hilarious. Hahah I wasn’t even expecting the trail going down to Virgin Falls was so steep with cliffs on both side. You wouldn’t want to make mistakes in here. But the end was worth the sacrifice.

It was not just the falls itself. The view of the mountains was equally breathtaking.

However, the most memorable one was the experience itself. I could even hear my heartbeat beating faster the moment we ascended from the falls. I could even imagine the scratches we got for not wearing proper attires. I was lucky enough to have my leggings on.

Anyways, the journey itself brought us challenges. Whether or not you were an outdoor enthusiast, the feeling was mutual.

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We ended our day with a rest ant the Mt. Apo Highlands- Lake Mirror Resort. The next was full blast.

We started our day having breakfast at Camp Sabros. There was a little hike for most of us while other chose to ride with a pony.

The view was so awesome and refreshing.


That was just before you reach the Camp Sabros itself.

Then came the main event. It was zip line time. I went for a 400+ meters as well as 800+. Hahah The adrenaline went rushing in I wouldn’t know how to stop. For the video, please click here.

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The last, but not definitely the least was the Tribu Bagobo Woodlands Resort still located in Kapatagan. There was three-storey pool but the water stopped me from swimming. It was way too cold for me. 😦 Still, the view was perfect for camping night out.




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Camping was so perfect to end our almost three-day getaway.



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