I|Major Climb: Journey to Country’s Highest Peak

Oh, 2015 was all over now. I was still quite nostalgic but I know 2016 has come all the way with it’s own right to give hope to everyone.

I swear, I’ll always looked back to 2015 with a big smile on my face. A lot of things did happen. I guess it’s quite obvious based on the entries being posted here. So to end that year with a bang! Finally, after 3 weeks in the making,  I’m more excited to share to you my phenomenal year-end hike to none other than the majestic and Philippine’s highest peak itself, Mt. Apo.

1140I bet you’ve already seen a lot of posts from mountaineers hiking to this magnificent mountain. Others would have told you the means on how to get there, their own experiences and whatnot. Mine was entirely different.

Getting there was phenomenal and unexpected. I considered it as such because among other aspirants, I was maybe the least expected person to turn down the major climb. It was scheduled (December 19th to 23rd) during Holidays season after all and I was at the time, crammed all the way to straighten up my score (yes, BPO’s did have those kinds of metrics to pass). I was failing but I fought hard to get what I wanted. 😉

Days after days but I still got no news about the vacation leave approval. So I decided to set my mind and try to avoid looking at Mt. Apo everytime I went home from the shift. Arghh, why did it have to be so beautifully visible from the place where I worked? 😦

Eventually, the momentum and the excitement slowly died. I became accustomed and was fully convinced that this climbed wouldn’t turn into reality. But I guess, I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! 😀 😀 Like a child receiving a chocolate, I was literally jumping off my happiness when I knew my request was finally approved. Haha Never too bad for less than 24-hour preparation.

By then, I initially informed our president and never wasted by single time to have a quick nap for few hours before doing my last-minute backpacking. That was literally crazy. 😀

I was at NCCC Mall, our meeting place before 11 pm. I was supposed to surprise my fellow aspirants when I found out they were a bit late. 😀 At least my plan worked out the moment they arrived. While they slept, I spent the the remaining hours doing chitchats while waiting for the jeepney to arrive. We also had some guests with us.

At around 3 am, the jeep finally arrived. We jumped in immediately knowing that we were already 3 hour-late from the original itinerary. At around 5 am, it was already like this. ❤


Beautifully captivated by my co-aspirant!

The next couple of hours was composed humps and bumps which came along because of the mud. I could still remember our male colleagues decided to manually pull the jeepney with their bare hands to keep us going. So machos! 😀

The struggle was indeed real until this scenery welcomed us! ❤ <3<3


It seemed so near, yet so far.

Upon arrival, we immediately cooked and ate our meals. That was already  around 9 am. While doing so, I kept on looking at Mt. Apo. Oh God! The view was fantastic as ever! It made me alive and sustained me with strength even though I hadn’t had slept for the last 12 hours.



Photo not mine

We started our trek past 9 am. We passed through wide vegetable plantation for hours. You can check it out here for the video taken by one of he members. 11591142


Grabbed from Greg’s account

The first major stop was this place they called Paradise. In there was a small village and farmers who used horses to carry loads of vegetables for sell in downtown areas.


Photo Credit: Maricel Perez

The long walk, however, was just the start. We only had the chance to take as more photos because we’re waiting for other to come. Until then, we needed to push harder because we still had forest to conquer.

Breaching the forest was little bit extraordinary. We had to crawl like that in the picture below to avoid getting our feet into the mud. Your hands and feet were friends this time. Amazing hah!


Only to find out there was a better way just above this canal. 😀

The trail was visible during the first leg of the forest breaching. Its composed of grasslands. The first place to reach was Upper Sabwag, though. Unlike the past climbs, we had numerous stops this time. This made our life a lot easier and a chance to take pictures in between. But when the three-minute rule was up, we had to continue our journey.

Hours later, we finally reached this spot. On our way to Baroring with another an almost 4 hours.


L-R: Aikin, Celso, Pach and Me


Left-Right: Aly, Cha, Pach and Shobe

The oh so good water source!  Believe me, the water here was totally refreshing and thirst-quenching.


We didn’t stay take too long, though.

Along the way, there were some areas left which left us hanging, literally.  🙂

The forest became denser as we get through. After few more hours, Baruring was finally reached. There, we stopped and ate our lunch. I guessed it was already around 2pm. Hahah Kissing my 24-hour straight with no sleep at ALL.


I knew at that time I was already tired. The heavy load in my bag became much of a burden as time passed by. That’s why after the quick meal, I decided to take a nap. Hahah

I’ve mastered that after almost 6-months in BPO.:D

184496_10203695749993089_693658149123209920_n - Copy

Photo by Shobe

Though we posed like a pro, the exhaustion was already dragging us down. Hahah Two to three more hours yet, we had to trek into the much denser portion of the forest. I could still remember hanging around the bush, the Mt. Talomo-like trail, 2×2 (feet) and more of 4×4 (both hands and feet) ascent! :D.

Our Kuy was just so entertaining while on the trail that we hadn’t noticed that we were already at the Camp Godi-Godi. Too bad I hadn’t taken the picture of the signage.

The water source was a bit scarce this time. It was few meters away from the camp itself.


Photo by Sky

Since we arrived quite early, we were able to prepare our sumptuous meals before we got into socials.

By then, let’s call it a day! ‘Til my next post. 😉

PS: Some of the photos are not mine but have only been grabbed and credited accordingly. 🙂


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