II|Major Climb: Gigantic Boulders


‘Tis was the second day (December 21st).

The day when we were bound to reach gigantic boulders, be swept away by strong winds at the summit, shiver ourselves to death due to dropping temperature and be constantly amazed by nature.

The first day really made us all weary and craved for a good night sleep. I bet everyone had enjoyed it especially my co-aspirants except for other members and myself. I didn’t know but the moment I was awaken at 12 midnight, getting back to sleep or pretending to be asleep became a hard task. From then on, I rolled myself in both sides and heard my stomach rumbling. I was hungry after all. 😀

I waited until 5 am and was kinda excited to wake them up. I could even think of scaring them but that didn’t even materialized. 😀 Some prepared the breakfast while other fetched water from slow-dripping water source few meter away from Goodi-Goodi Camp.

At around 9 am, we slowly fixed our tents with all our trashes being put inside our bags. Just like the mountaineers creed, we had to leave no trace!

Of course, we wouldn’t leave the camp without taking picture. We, the aspirants batch 2014-2015 then followed by the members. We had guests that time but they chose to move ahead of us, thus no pictures from them. 😦


L-R (Aspirants): Celso, Sky, Aikin, Jessa, Me, Sean, Pach, Shobe and Cha (Angel)


L-R (Members): Ace, Zed, Aly, Roeza, Abra, Scent (President), Cute, Eric, Kim and Greg

The trek was normal until I saw the first ascent. 😀 This was literally another 4×4 assault. You know it when you’re already using both of your hands aside from your feet.


I felt like it was a reminisce to Mt. Talomo. Please click here for the video done by Greg.


Few meters away after the first leg of ascent, Greg was able to capture the entrance to the boulders. Though we were warned not to be too amazed, or else the fogs would fade the beauty away, we couldn’t help ourselves from being enchanted.


The boulders which seemed to be as high as city’s towers and buildings, were already few meters away from us. We walked through the definite path until we reached the boulders where there’s no exact trail to follow at all. Instead, we only had our instincts and trail signs as our guide.

This was the first leg of our hike to which the fog was seen too far away.


After a couple of minutes, the fog looked like this already. It almost covered the whole part of the mountain.


The tale must be true. Thou shall never murmur your appreciation. One had to keep it within.

At this time, we already had closer encounter with the sulfur. We could smell boiled-egg-like odor which was little too tolerable. HAHAH 😀



There was a path there going to the peak but only the veterans and the guests were able to pass through. We remained at the traditional trail. Hence, I decided to have a another video instead.


While on our way, we encounter tiny bushes, ferns, elf-like plants and wild berries. It was so amazing to know that plants like these do exist even in higher altitude. The life must be too crucial but they survived.


1267I couldn’t find a single fully-ripe wild berries (you knew it when the over all color was already violet).

Oh well, passing through  the boulders was equally enjoying because you’re literally jumping from one rock to another. I prefer on bigger ones because it’s easier to reach them with me legs. Hahah My co-aspi, however, opted for smaller ones because for them , it’s energy-saving. 😀

The temperature was literally burning us out while the smell of the sulfur made us want to skip our breathe from time to time.


So while waiting for others, we instantly grabbed the opportunity to take pictures.


I was looking at these pictures now and I couldn’t get over from being enchanted. Neither the burning heat nor the interesting smelly sulfur steams drained our energy. The view was undoubtedly God’s perfect creation. That made our declining energy came back to life. We never knew we were closer to White Sand, the venue for our lunch.

Hop on as I guide you through our journey. Until next time. :-*


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