III|Major Climb: White Sand

I knew when I had too many good memories to share because I tend to chop them off into pieces. Did I use the right term? 😀 😀 😀

By the way, if you ever think of beaches upon reading the words, White Sand, you better think twice. Aside from being the continuation for the my previous post, probably the reason why it was called as such because of the limestone dominating around the place.


The lunch time was so perfect after the grueling experience and suffering from the scorching heat of the sun while passing the boulders. The view was after all, relaxing as the mini tent was already fixed.


The towering boulders were simply out worldly. ❤ Kindly take a look at this video for it’s 360 degrees view. ❤


I was facing the downtown areas at this position. The sulfur could be seen at the right sign. Another odd smell again. 😀


When the sulfur steam combined with the wind and cloud.


Fun fact: Don’t get too overwhelmed by this place’s scenic view. Even at its finest, it wouldn’t excuse you from assaulting the 87 degrees with the pictures found below. This was supposed to be the steepest part of the climb, yet quite easy scrambling before reaching the crater.

1339 - Copy1351

At around 2 pm, we started our 2nd leg of assault. It was again a 4×4 ascent. You really didn’t want to make a mess not unless you’re willing to tumble down. 😀 Still, it’s very necessary to take precautionary measure.

Even with it’s hard-blown wind and heavy bags in our backs, the view at the top was totally breathtaking. The tent seemed to be unrecognizable anymore and the towering boulders even looked like little rocks.


Just imagine the distance. We were even at that mountain you can see above and we made all the way. Yet, it was just a part of the leg. We were not yet at the peak.

See you on my next entry. 😀 😀 😀


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