IV|Major Climb: Crater

Hooray to the fourth entry of the series I entitled Major Climb. ❤

This time, as I’ve said with the earlier  entry, the wind was stronger than ever. Nah! I wasn’t really fun of freezing temperature but that’s part of it. 😀 That was an ultimate tagos to the bones if you know what I mean! 😛


I wouldn’t even deny that I enjoyed the place even at the very short time. Who wouldn’t enjoy the picturesque view of a basin-like crater with an estimated knee-length deep water and the wall of rock surrounding the crater itself.

I even thought there was this big hole which would direct you to the underworld and the water would emit smoke (Oh, just think about what a hot spring would look like.) Thank God, there’s none. 😀 Instead, the water were said to be coming from the rainfall alone.

On the other hand, the rock wall surrounding the crater was really perfect for a rock-climbing. 🙂


I enjoyed taking their pictures when suddenly…..13651364

……..the battery of my camera went down. 😦 Oh, the dropping temperature was really the one to blame.

WHY??? I was supposed to cry and was about to panic. 😦

We were down to our final leg before reaching the summit when that happened. The peak was right there already.

Apart from that, what really saddened us were the vandals made by some insensitive individuals. Even the crater was not exempted on this issue. We could see from there the rocks aligned to form names or phrases. Geeezz.


This was viewed from atop. Which means, I was able to recover my camera’s battery and we were finally able to reach Philippine’s Highest Peak. Mt. Talomo at the right side was even visible at this position.



Oh thank God! That was after 2-long day. See you soon. 😉

This time, it will be the summit itself. ;-*


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