V|Major Climb: Summit of Mt. Apo


Mt. Apo’s version of Sea of Clouds and is facing Davao gulf

21st day of December at 2:31 pm…


The climax of our long journey happened when we finally conquered the ever infamous Davao peak. I was suddenly speechless for a few moment so I kinda decided to take a video instead.

The feeling was extraordinary and the view was undoubtedly phenomenal. It reserved the right to be called Philippine’s highest peak. Clearly, Mt. Apo is one true landmark. 

Setting foot in this majestic mountain doesn’t only prove one’s physical strength. In my case, I had to prove myself to my supervisor that I deserved a vacation leave in order to join this climb. The entire process was really frustrating and made me believe I wouldn’t make it here.


That’s why the smile carved in that face above was the result of all. I had to be happy because I made a choice or maybe I thought I had convinced myself enough to smile.


Amidst that blissful face was the mixed emotion coming through within. I recalled one of the members saying there was this aspirant before who was overwhelmed by his/her emotion.

While everyone was busy taking pictures with their fan signs and uttering admiration, I suddenly knelt down and tears fell down. I was very emotional. I thought this was the moment I had been waiting for a long time. I had bargained enough and weighed options too much to end up experiencing this. I exchanged holidays over mountains and reunions over workloads. I suddenly remembered my parents back home. I was like that for a couple of minutes until I decided to muster all my strengths. Thank God, they didn’t mind me that much.

From the peak, I saw two familiar mountains- Mt. Talomo (below) and Mt. Matutum.



Photo credit: Shobe Cadigal

These two mountains were marvelous and made me want to enjoy every moment because the time was running out and the night was coming.

We were then summoned to take a picture with Mt. Matutum as our background. Thanks to the photographer. 🙂


That was really epic. ❤

After more approximately 24 hours starting first day, we only had around 30 minutes to observe and admire the peak.

At around 3 pm, we descended to the camp site and wait for the sunset to arrive. Night had come! Mind you, that was the longest night I ever had.

Until next then.

PS: The picture of Mt. Matutum as well as the last two pictures were only grabbed from my co-aspirants’s (Shobe) Facebook account. 🙂 Thank you!



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