VI|Major Climb: Sunsets and Sunrise

It took me so long but here it is.

Well, aside from the summit itself, two things we really wanted to experience were the sunset and the sunrise.

We really thanked God for the good weather and members for giving us this one-time experience. The wind was really blowing hard and it gave us chills with our bones being the most affected. 😀


I never knew how to survive the night knowing that temperature could drop into negative at any moment. Well, not to mention other perks of being an aspirant myself.  

Anyways, I have mentioned many dramas which made my first ascent to the summit memorable enough. The next big thing was, I never thought descending to the camp site would also be as memorable as gross. 😀

(WARNING: It’s kinda grossly feeling so if you were eating whilst reading, hmmm at least I have warned you 🙂 )

When we arrived at the camp site, I knew my feet was dragging me to stop and looked for a place to rest. I was still very emotional and  I could intensely feel the exhaustion. I guess we were already warned about those living dynamites, droppings and whatever-you-may-want-to-call IT (if you certainly know what I mean. 😛 ). I should have listened or cared enough but my emotional state really dominated at that time.

Clearly, I got pissed ( 😦 )and so I decided to take a power nap instead. Hahah it worked and by the time I woke up, sunset brought back all my energies.




The sunrise.

This probably brought back all the not-so-skemi things. Hahah Sorry, couldn’t afford to drop any clues due to prohibition. 😉 Nonetheless, it was all worth to wake up amidst the fact that the night wasn’t so nice at all.

We actually went to two peaks. The first was really windy you could be blown away. And there’s a cliff so you wouldn’t really want to make a single mistake.

Aside from that, it was even not the perfect position for sunrise spotting so we went to the other peak.

But look at this….



Epic right? 😀 😀

One of our colleagues even narrated that these moments were rare. Most of the time, sunrise was not experienced by the mountaineers due to foggy morning and unpredictable weather.


L-R: Kerwin, Kuya Buboy, me, Celso, Sean, Cha, Shob, Cute and Sky


L-R: Cha, Me, Celso, Sean, Shob, Scent, Pach (front), Cute, Sky (back) and Eric



And at last, during the last moment at the peak, the view from up above was equally breath taking. Haha I don’t know if the lake is Lake Venado.


Here’s the not-so-professional edited photo to show you around from our position.

10522439_10203701139447822_6143102740586670917_n - Copy

Soon, I’ll have another post to guide you through the campsite. 🙂 Until next time.


PS: These photos were only grabbed from my colleagues’ Facebook account. Photo credits to Charina Guimte, Shobe Cadigal and Maricel Perez. ❤





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