VII|Major Climb: Around the Campsite

If you noticed, I practically leave things unattended these days. One of which is to finish this Major Climb Series we did last December. But I realized, things will keep on hunting me until I finished what I started.

So here it goes. As I promised on my previous post, I’ll try to tour you around the camp site using the pictures my co-aspirant, Shobe Cadigal, captured for herself. Thanks Shob! 🙂



Towards the end of my last post on Sunset and Sunrise, you’ll see there the edited photo to which I put some labels on it. Here’s the actual photo of it as seen from the peak where we observed sunrise.

And yap, I forgot to tell you. Each peaks right there had been so abundant of wild berries. I remembered them taking an ample time at the peak just to get ripe wild berries.



The pictures above showed where one should fixed the tents. It’s also the place notorious for poops so better watch out!

Unless, you wanted to become a victim such as myself. 😀


Here’s the famous Cross sign. This was right across where we fixed our tents as well.

And I guess it’s where my sister took their photo several years ago (photo below). By the way, where’s the cross sign in there? HAHA

Yep, we had the almost the same taste of adventure. It’s just she’s too good at any other things!


Photo Credit: Queyl Jamora

On the other hand, this was en-route to water source. If you had seen this picture, you’ll see this in a the northern side of the campsite. It’s an estimated 50-meter away but when in season and a lot of mountaineers flocked in Mt. Apo, the best way would be to find another source of water!

According to them, there’s one spot in there where you can get water, unfortunately, we didn’t know the location.1497637_10203701248930559_8775603100032801953_n

Below, was the exact place where we get water. It’s a cave-like and you really had to be extra careful when going down due to its slippery nature. There’s a slowly flowing water inside.

Now you’re wondering if this is really safe or drinking water from this source would be possible?


If you had this sensitive stomach, I suggest to boil this water first. I say this would really take a lot of time as the area was relatively cooled. Even cooking our meals take quite time plus you wouldn’t really want to waste butane. Except of course, if you do have lots of butane with you. Aside from that, it will also take a lot of time to turn this boiled-water into lukewarm. You don’t want to drink this hot water not unless your intention is to get a coffee right?

So if you’re in a hurry, you might try filtering this water with a clean cloth upon fetching.This will somehow lessen the possibility of having different species or micro contents to get to your water container.

But mind you, whichever technique you may used, the water could still have that distinct smell and taste. For this reason that we were advised to bring some powder juice just to make it more drinkable.

So much of the tips eh? Haha But I know when you get to visit this someday, it’s as helpful as it looked like.

Alright, I’m really getting excited to finish his post. Just one piece to go and I’m all done. 🙂

See you until then. ❤

PS: These photos were only grabbed from my sister and colleagues’ Facebook account. Photo credits to Shobe Cadigal and Queyl Jamora-Kaushik.


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