Changed Drastically

Sometimes, I forgot that this blog is intended for personal gratification. But you see, there’s a gradual change. Two years in the making and I was able to make posts ranging from personal essays to favorite hobbies, issues then finally reaching out to more popular community which is travel and/or mountaineering. There’s some fashion in here but, not much. I think it’s not my forte’!

So this time, let me get back as to the main reason as to why this has been established – to have myself a personal online diary. Let’s say, forget all the leisure and imagine a person who really wanted to pour herself out as it gets heavier as time passed by.

Then in a quite room, random things suddenly popped up:


Amidst stability, there’s this big chance that change will weaken (or strengthen) what has already  been established. You’ll hate it when you’re not prepared enough. You get anxious when things don’t go according to your plan. But you’ll love it when there’s a resilience in you. You’ll understand it when you know the importance of taking one step at a time.

The thing here is that the world will not depend on you. Whether you stumble, fall into deep frustration that make you want to stop, the truth is that clock won’t stop ticking, the world keeps on evolving.

The survivors are not all the strongest. Rather, sometimes they are those people who are quick to adapt changes. I’ve heard this from one of our trainers way back when I was in nesting stage. Certainly, now that I’m legit (Thanked God, we survived the probationary period), this phrase makes sense to me.

To where I am now is something I never planned. My first goal after graduation was to get a scholarship that will let me study overseas. It was approved and I did anticipate too much. It was until graduation when reality obviously showed me how things worked in a real world- not in the world I thought was real. My plan stuck in there, I need an alternate route. Real and quick.

I did apply several jobs. I remembered myself being too choosy. “I wanted a career that is in line with my degree”, I said to myself. I don’t like this and that and couldn’t see myself in a BPO. I personally considered it as my last resort.

Funny enough, it is this kind of industry which keeps me alive to this day and allows me to extend help for more than six months now. Looks like a good slap of a karma, ain’t it?

Not only did this “financial thing” but the way how it worked that completely shocked me. The monitoring is crucial! It’s done in day to day basis- way too far from the  monthly or semestral evaluation I get way back when I was still a working student. But based on that experience itself, even employees will get evaluation after each term, semester or monthly but definitely not DAILY.

And I did mention about adaptation right? You should be in total sane when your schedule changes based on the performance of the team. Teamwork is indeed an important factor on surviving. And your performance is too dependent on strangers you interacted once or twice. Whatever the result is and whether you have already given enough, brace yourself as it will describe the entirety in you.

Along with this change is the fact that some people do come and go. As of this writing, we already had our new Team Leader, few wave mates and team mates had already been sent into different teams, welcomed some new team mates while other decided to have a graceful exit. I didn’t even see this before.

However, all of these are simply the reality of where I am right now.

Way back, I could see employees working for the school almost all of their life or even months after hiring. In here, you can opt out anytime maybe because some people don’t consider it as a career. The longest may have already been almost 10 years since the birth of this industry, but nevertheless, not more than 10 years.

I am personally a victim of this thinking. I think of it as an option, my gateway towards getting what I need to fulfill my initial goal. But the more I stay, the more I became afraid that I might be sticking around for quite long time or get stuck once more. Though I really wanted to get promotion such as becoming a trainer, but things are just not on my favor this time.

Despite of this, the goals are working in progress. I may have led myself into several unexpected destinations but the good thing is, I learned and I keep on learning. I may have failed my own expectation but it only drives me to do more.

No one asks me these things. Clearly an initiative and with it, I can blame no one but myself. One has to endure but given that my siblings were able to do it by themselves, I know I can do it too.

I’d really say I can make myself stay but keeping up to the demands and constantly reminding myself the reason why I choose this path makes me want to go further.




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