Thinking ’bout School

I am really the person who’s truly obsessed with plans and making them all turn into reality. I used to have timelines, where am I supposed to be at this particular moment and getting frustrated when this won’t be materialized. I used to be stiffed, follow what is the norm and never really thought of catering some kind of twists and turns.

Guess what? As I readily exposed myself to reality, I realized that some greatest moments aren’t always planned. Just like for example, earning educational units. It may came out of necessity, an excuse or to whatever reason, it sure has a purpose to be served in the future.

Now, why am I so stuck about these things again?

Well, to tell you, getting back to school was merely a requirement at first. I became slacky because it’s not simply part of my BIG plan. On top of it is my unending battle for my changing schedule (not to mention my laziness as well 😛 ). Sometimes, I would go directly to school from work and get a quick nap at the library for more than 30 minutes before attending the class. Hahaha Sounds weird eh but I bet, library’s a good place for this. Thanks for the AC! 😀 😀 😀

When the working schedule changed and made me late for school, I would still find that 30-minute-class productive. I just thanked God I had a one-hour interval before my next class so I has the luxury for a quick lunch, get some power nap OR just go home when I find long waiting as boring as hell. HAHAHA 😀

I often got a little pleasure in navigating a scientific calculator during our semi-statistical class. Mind you, it’s something I really hate way back college days. I usually run through friends to borrow one, learning the shortcuts which I think Mathematics major had mastered all along. Haha had fun but not really especially when you learned that the moment you skipped the class was the time they had their third exam. 😦

Then came our major requirement which was a promotional video. That was really quite hard working out with competitive youngsters in education department and betting up deadlines. Finally, that was a success after all. We had our final exams just like the ordinary but to me, it was nostalgic. In a span of more or less 8 weeks, I felt how to become a student again. It reminded me of my classmates before who were working full-time in BPO. I just thought how amazing they are for the managing their time. I also had my fair-share of working hours but not as exhausting as this unfixed schedule in a BPO

Meanwhile, I knew my grades were already available but had no chance to see them. Never mind! Haha

Surely, I may decide to continue earning more units (18 units to be exact or equivalent for 6 subjects) or just finished my pre-abandoned review for IELTS first then take the test, or may turn out doing both or getting license. Whichever it is, I hope it’s going to be a benefit for the future.

You see? Great plans were great but the one’s materialized were even greater. Cheers to more spontaneity, openness and a life full of God’s blessings.






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