Hoppin’ in Britania Group of Islets

A bit late eh!


No worries. I’m still sane enough to make posts about our semi-summer special which actually happened on the last week of March.

There was actually one thing I observed whenever we had our team building- spontaneity.

I could still remember our first outside Davao team building in Kapatagan, Digos City way back in November 2015. We had no idea where we were going, where would be our next stop or what will happen throughout the day.

Just like here, we never expected to have an island-kind-of-islet hopping right after we arrived at Brgy. Britania, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Yes, Britania is actually not a resort name as I thought it is but the name of the place instead. ( Oh that’s a fun fact 😀 )

Obviously, we had to find somewhere to rest first. We happened to see this comfortable-yet affordable place to spend the night.


I guess it was one of the newest resort in the area as manifested by its newly-furnished rooms and on-going construction. Almost Php 2000 wasn’t bad enough for two air-conditioned rooms where we can spend our night comfortably.

Of course, staying here would also mean there were challenges we’re about to face- it’s a lack of water source.

Nevertheless, looked at this beautiful paradise up in North-Eastern part of Mindanao? It’s full of white-sand beach. The place, despite of it’s growing popularity, remained to be pleasant to its visitors.



The bridges facing the islets……



and facing the main island were simply fantastic. ❤

IMG_0168I simply loved taking photos while waiting for our schedule. I never thought of recharging my camera as I knew taking photograph’s a perfect way to kill the time.

At around 4 pm, we already started our islet hopping. Obviously, it was quite perfect time- the sun was setting by then plus the cool breeze started to fill in the air.IMG_0228IMG_0234


Hah! Of course, astig shot from the gang wouldn’t be missed. Looked like they were Pinoy version of Mc-Arthur’s Return. 😀

Then hooray! Let’s get in on!


These mini islets simply reminded me of our El Nido Escapade. Yes, they were smaller karsts but that’s what made it unique. They even looked like mushrooms from afar. Greenish mushrooms to be exact. 😀

Around 30 minutes boat ride, we arrived at this island they called Hagonoy Island.IMG_0269IMG_0275IMG_0284

Refreshing, isn’t it? It was almost a great time but then we had to move to the other islet before the sun would finally leave us.

And I thought this was the craziest part. Mind you, I was wrong.



Instead of getting to the other islet, specifically the Naked Island, we ended up getting stranded in the middle of the sea with our boat unable to start. Fortunately, another boat came in to rescue and we were all saved. HAHA Guess, we had an instant island hopping the next day before leaving this breathtaking place. Ohh, time ran sooooo fast.

As promised, we resumed our Island Hopping the next day. First stop would be the famous Naked Island. It was called as such because of its balding surface. 🙂


Naked Island from afar!


(c) Ann

Of course, with being so reckless as I was, another unforgettable memory was also formed in this islet.

When I jumped off from the boat, I left my aqua shoes just beside the shoreline. Unfortunately, the waves came crushing in and so my pair of shoes was washed apart. But then I never realized that because I was so filled with appreciation at that time.

It wasn’t until my supervisor told me that my pair of shoes was missing. Hah! Good thing, I was finally able to find the pair minutes before we left. The odd still remained to be on my favor.

Our next stop was supposed to be the Boslon Island, but lots of tourists and lack of space to place the boat made us to choose Hiyor-Hiyoran Island instead.


(c) Riz V.



(c) Yel Y.

This island was different among the rest as it would give you a festive vibe. Lots of local products such as keychains, seashells product among any pasalubong items were being sold.

Lastly, since we couldn’t get near the shoreline of those islets I mentioned above, we asked our boatmen to stay in the middle of the sea while we would enjoy swimming. HAHA So clever my gang!


(c) Riz V



(c) Yel Y.

Well, I knew I tried my hardest to get off to that life vest but to no avail. Hahah I ended up clinging to that one as if my life greatly depends on it. Hopefully, I get to know how to swim the soonest possible. 😀 😀 😀

I hope you did enjoy this one. It was weird but everything became worth it. This only made me love Mindanao more.

Until next then. ❤

Islet Hopping – Php 1500 (Though it also depends how good you are at haggling prices or simply put your enormous charm into good use. 😛 )




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