Tinuy-an Falls and its Wonders

So yippy!

As promised in my IG post, I would finally get to end this overdue post for once and for all.


12968644_10209112406555484_678764369_nDuring our 2-day with three-stop escapade, I’ve learned to appreciate my homeland, Mindanao. We’ve got so many things to offer for locals and foreigners alike.

With these two days of travelling, we were able to see how everyone get so easily enchanted with Hinatuan Enchanted River and be mesmerized by pristine beaches in Britania Islets.

But it’s time to kissed Brgy. Britannia goodbye. ūüė¶

We left the place at around 11 am in the morning. It was timely enough because we got the chance to continue our then-postponed island hopping.

Almost three hours of travel and we’re back to bumpy and semi-roller coaster kind of ride. Seriously, the road travel itself would give you some glimpse of adventures.

It was indeed a long ride and the location of the falls was far from the highway of Bislig. I guess it was almost an hour going uphill  with an unpaved road. Just like when we arrived in Enchanted River, we were so overwhelmed by the number of tourists. Lots of vehicle queued in sideways, as if these cars welcomed us from a long hour drive.

It was then noontime when we reached the famous Tinuy-an Falls.¬†So we grabbed our lunch first in few carenderias outside the resort. Too bad my camera didn’t worked out this time so I had to request my colleagues to take pictures in my behalf. Luckily, they did have a great job! ūüėÄ Photo credits will follow at the end of the post. ‚̧



Since it was Holy Week, I must admit that going there was a bit crowded. Nonetheless, they had better facilities like rest/shower rooms, cottages, rafts for rafting and tour guides or volunteers. There was a also a present of medic team just in case some terrible thins might happen. ūüôā



The best way to enjoy the the tallest part of the Tinuy-an cascade was to go rafting and have water massage for about 15 minutes or so. If you wish, you could swim around but you had to make sure to stay u of the bamboo raft’s way to avoid trouble. ūüôā

After then, we were given a volunteer guide to assist us towards the upper part of the cascade. First, we had to ascend through 97 stair-steps. It was barely easy but its narrowed path plus the number of people ascending and descending all at the same time just added up to the challenge.

Nevertheless, the view from atop was equally astonishing.




Ala panorama!


Group selfie was really a tradition. One shouldn’t missed it. Photos taken by our guide.

And I thought it was it all. Here’s more.


The rock formation was really great you would think it as made by humans. Convincingly, our guide made us believe that these were all natural, formed through hundreds of years. Just one tip: you should really have to be careful in stepping in since there were numerous holes (all natural) scattered around the area.

Amazing, wasn’t it?

Though I know  the photos would really looked legitimate if I was able to save enough of my camera batteries to capture its beauty. Haha But then, I guess everybody can really attest: no amount of photo or filter can compare its beauty when you this in person.

So this was it. Finally, we enjoyed our two-day vacation in these top spots in Surigao. Mind you will come to visit these places in the future or even start it now.

To commemorate our visit in Surigao, one should never missed to stop by at their famous ¬† ¬† ¬†I ‚̧ BISLIG signage located at the baywalk.


I hope you did enjoy. Have an awesome summer fever!

Hint hint: Solo Backpack, you want?


Php 50 – Entrance fee

Php 200 cottage

Php 100 Bamboo rafting (minimum of 10 pax)

Donation for tour guide and raft guide.

Photos credit to: Anne, Yel, Vic and Riz



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