Two Years to Infinity

wpI’ve been very grateful for this little space in a cyber world I created two years back. This tiny space has become so much of everything. This little corner wherein I hid every little details in my life. Thus, I tagged this as my personal blog.

Few years back, I treated this as my confidante whenever I didn’t feel like speaking to someone else. It’s my safe haven, knowing that I could freely express whatever it is in my mind. All my aspirations and frustrations alike somehow left a print in this site.

Years go by, I slowly detached myself from doing so.


Simply because I realized that some things are meant to be shared not only through virtual but also personal.  I guess I have failed to recognize that real people do exist. For so long, I have missed the opportunity to talk to someone.

Nevertheless, it might hurt to admit but nobody really gives a damn thing whenever your ranting your heart out of frustration. True? I think so? 😉 Everyone just have their own thing so if you couldn’t handle it by yourself, make sure you’re strong enough to carry it all.

Or else the best option?

Spread it away and let these burdens go! Goodbye bad vibes!

And I should say, it worked. The moment I let go of things just made me feel that I wanted more of life. I have wasted enough of my time trying to figure out what the future holds. What I know now is that everything will come into place at the right time.

For now, just work, live, give and pray. 

Here’s my two years and counting in my little cyber world. I hope to get more posts on what makes me feel alive at the moment and motivates me all throughout. I hope to share less of personal burdens and more on life itself, just like any ordinary ladies in their twenties do.

Cheers to us!

PS: I ain’t a YOLO, just a SOLO 😀


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